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190 Cap, 27. an ExT ofition u,00w, the Book ofj o a. Verf. x z inmercy to comfort them, fo he throws himfelf upon the backs of his enemies in wrath, like a mighty Lola-tone, or as a mountain of milíloncs, to crufh and break them.Gcd himfelt,like a terrible tcmpel ovcrwhelmeth them : As it is afearful thing tofall into the hands ofthe living Çcd, fo it is a fearful' thing when the hand of the living God falleth upon us, or rather both thefe arc one and the fame fearful' thing. God doth eminentlyappear in Ionic rever#ges upon men, and they are forced to confefs, the fsnger,tbe band of God is upon them. God himfe llin wrath is the portionof the wicked, as himfelf is the portionof his people in love. And as of all merciesand priviledges,this is the greate(},rhatthe merci. full Godhimfelf is the portionof his peoplc,fo this is the greateli mifery, that the wrathfall and angry God will be the portion of the wicked. God himfelf appears againft them, and will (as it were) do them mifchiefin perIon. For as God exprefíeshim- fell not onely doing favours by the handof Mefrengers and in- liniments, but as doing c ffices of love in perfon to hispeople ; fo he will execute wrath and vengeance in perfon upon his enemies. It is 'aid ( Gen. 19.24. ) Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah, brimffone and fire from the Lord cat of Heaven. And be overthew thofe Cities, &c. Thus as Chrifi (peaks of him. fell in the Gofpel, (c, 44.) Whoföever'hall fallupon this Pone!hall be broken: bat upon whom thisfloes falls,it willgrind him topowder ; ChriLi himfelf falls upon unbelievers and defpifers of the Gofpel, as amoft burdenfome Bane. He doth not onely fend defirie ticnupon them, but is deftru&ion to them ; or,(as the A- poftle gives it, 2 Cere 1.9.) They ¡ball be puniflied with everlall. ing defirullion from theprefence of the Lord, andfrom theglory of his power ; That is, Def}ruttion (hail come forth immediately fromthe prefence and glorious power of God upon them, and that without any meafure or mitigation, as it followes in Jobs text, He (hall call upon hire, and not [pare. Sparing may be confidered in two things ; fir(}, as ro the de. gree ; fecondly, as to the continuance of an tfflid} ion. So that to lay, He(hall call upon him, andnot fpare, imports thus much, he (hall bepunned to the utmofi, and alwayes. There is a fparing mercy ofGod, (of which read the notes upon Chap. 16. 3.) but