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Chap. 27. An Expofitian upon the Book of J o 2. Verf. z 2 ç I anfwer ; The words have an adjuration in them, not an oath ; the Spoufe chaigeth the daughters of 3erufalem, that they would JOVE doe any thing w provoke or disquiet Chrift, which, even the Roes and the Hindes of the fieldwouldnot doe ; or in cafe they doe, the threatens them, that the Roes and Hinds fhall teflifie againfl them, becaufe they did what the Roes would nor, had they reafon as men and women have. There is a vafl differ - ence between adjuring or charging 'others, and fwearing our felves. That of Paul is objceîed likewife(t Carr g'. 3 t.) Iprotef by ycur rejoycing which Ihave in the Lord Jeftss Chrifi, Idye dayh; Paul feemcs to fwearby their rejoycing. 1 anfwer ; Though Pauls fpeech bath force appearance of an oath, yet it is oncly an obtcf ation ; Paul Both not fweare by their rejoycirg, but makes aprofeflion, or protc(iation by it: As if he hsd :aid; my troublesand aflli'cîions which I endure for Chriff, would teflifie for me, if they were vocal, or could (peak, that as furely as you rejoyce in Chrifl,or I with ycu or for you,fo furely f dye dáily,that is,I do dayly expofe my fell to the dangers ofdeaths or to deadlyd angers for the Gofpel fake, and 'cenverfion of the Gentiles. Thus the Prophetsmade obreflations by the Heaven and by the Earth, or called them folemnely to witnefs ; but they never (ware by them. For the clofe of this poydF, I (hall onely adde that there are foure things which render an oath finfull and unlawfull. Fir f1 ,Whenwe fweare falfely, though by the true God. Secondly, When we fweare rafhly, or without caufe, by the tile true God. Thirdly, When we fweare lightly in the weightefl-caufe,by the true God. Fourthly, When we fweare, though truely, upon the greats(; caufe, and with the greatefl folemnityor reverence by any thing which is not God, or below'Gtid,`as all creatures and things be- longing to the creature are Somuch of thofe words`iñ the notion ofan Oath, As God lim veth whohash taten away my yndgment I (hall touch them in the fecondreading, as they are an affe veration, or a flrong affertion.. Thy