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16 Chap. 2.7. An Eupoftion upon the Book of J o B. Verf. 2,. The living Clod, or the Godwho livcth, bath taken away my j adgnent. This Attribute, The living God, is often tiled in Scripture; and God is fo called. Fi: ft, I noppofition to Idolls, or falle gods, who have no life it all in them (Pfal, 9 :.) Theyhave Eyes andfee not, and Eves bat heart not, &c. That's the (tile which the Apoftle Tom/gives, them (1 Thef. 1. 9. ) For they themfelvesPhewofus what manner' of Entring we had unto yon, and bow ye turned from Idolls to ferve the living and trueGod: The living God is oppo,°ed to Idols. We have thelikeopxfirion ( Nab. 2. 19. ) Woe to him thatt, faith to the wood awake, to the dumbeftone arife, it [hail teach, arc. The (tone is dumbe, the woád io afleepe ; woe ro him that faith. to dead things awake : Bnt the ivtng Lord fpeaketh in his holy. Temple... Secondly, God is called the living God, as in oppofition to. Idolls, and all fallegods, fo, Firf., As having life o iginally and p; ima: ily inhimfelf, or as being life ; cannon.° properly fay that God harp life, as= that he is life ; he is life effentiolly, the life of God is the living God ; the life of a man another thing fre.mman ; God,and his . life are the fame.Againe, as God is called the living ggod,becaufe he is the principle of his own life, ahc+tether lite, and in him is no death, nothing of death at all. So. Secondly, He is called the living God derivatively, as Con veighing and letting out life to all creature ; life at gay degree it is from God, from him we -receive lifeaid breath ( Aas 17, 2$;. Pial. 36.9 ) With thee is the.weli oflife,or thewell a,^ hues, that is, of all forts of lives Firft, the life of vegetation, o growth in. plants; Secondly, the life of fence in beafls; Thirdly, he life of Rcafen iii man;Fourthly, the life of here onearth, and thelife of Glory which is the portion ofainrs -fo ever in heavm,proceed fromGod; He is the well or fp. ing the wel- fpring of all there lives.. And feing he is the living God, Therefore fiiti, Honour God as the living God. _ How is that? Fina, we honour hïm fo by acknowledging him the