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13 Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of ) o B. Verf.z.' to offer up our lives a facrifice for him ; as we are to offer upour (elves to the Lord a living facrifice, fo we fhould be ready to of- fer up our livesas a facrifice, we fhould be willing to die for the living God : no man would die for a dead Idoli, but who would not die for the livingGod whenGod call's him to it ? God is the life-giver,and if we lend him a life, he can giveus our life againe, and will. 'What is given to the poore we lend unto the Lord, becaufe he is the giver of all,and bath promifed to give it us back againe. And if we give a life for God,we put it into fuch a hated as bath all life in his hand, and he will give is back our life in a better life. This fhould be our Encouragement at all cimes,Even to lay down` oùr lives for God, who is the living God, and this is our affurance that he will give us back our lives againe. Let us alwayes give up our felvs a living facrifice CO God, by doing ac- cording to his will ; And let us be alwayes ready to give up our lives as a facrifice to God in fuffering according to his will,when- foever his will is to call us out to buffer. tob having taken a folemne oath by the living God, giveth usa further de. cription of God by two things which he had done to him ; Firff, He had taken away his judgment ; Secondly, He had vexed his fouls. As the Lord liveth, YYhó loath taken away my judgement, or bath made my judge-, ment to goe back. To Y3.ece f, So the text flri&ly in the letter ; The Chaldee paraphraff thus; aranfatustibia- He bath taken away the rule,or meafure of my judgment ; Bu r what ausfuit,in Hi- meanes lob by this judgment which God took away ? I anfwer ; phil recedere Judgment may be conhdered two wayes ; firff, for an evill in- ee®eur recedot flied or feared : when God brings trouble upon a perfon, or up- fudieiwm neuaa on a people, he bringeth judgment upon them, and when he *kb. threateneth trouble, he threatens judgment. The prophet en- eibßalir regu- courageth Si on to rejoyce, becaufe the Lord had taken away her lamjudiciirnei, judgments ( Zeph: 3. t4, r 5.) Sing O daughter ofSîor:: fhortt O ßnald' ¡Nei ; be gladand rejoyce with all theheart, Odaughter of 3. creep- /cm ;Why is Sion called to this joy ? the next words tell us why, The Lord bath taken away tby judgments;It muff needs be a mer- ry day with us,a mercy tous to have thofe judgments taken away from us which hand in oppofition to mercy; fo the prophet ex- plaines himfelfe; The Lordbath taken away thy judgments,bebath caf1