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Chap.z7. An Expoftion upon the Book of J o a. Verf.z, 19 call out thine enemy the King of Ifracl,even the Lord is in the midfl ofthee, thou fhalt not fee evil any more. Sion rejoycedbecaufe her Judgments were taken away , But fob complaines becaufe his Judgment was taken away. fobs Judgment was taken away ; but fob found his Judgment flit! upon him or uncaken away, he was f}ill poore and opprefl, fill! weake, and reproacht ; this kinde of Judgment was not taken away. Secondly, Judgment fignifieth right, the right rule without, and the principle of righteoufneffe within. I will praife thee (faith David, Pfal. t i9.7.)wirb reprightneffeofbeart,when 111,411 have learned thy righteous judgments, or the judgments of thy righteaufneffe. And againe( ver. 20.) Myfoule breakerb for the longing that it bath to thy judgments at all times. As if he had faid,Idefirewith greatef} earneftnefs even with a kind of violence ( for that is inbreaking) both to know the rules of righteoufneffe exa&ly , and allwayes'co do ac&s of righteoufnefs. And that's the meaning of David's prayer (Pfal. 72. I. ) Give the King thy judgments OGod ; As if he had Paid, OGod, give the King a fpirit of wifdome andunderfianding to know what is right, and give him a love and delight in doing ir. This is the judgment which repenting Ifraeliscommanded tofeeke (Ifa. 1. 17. )And to doe this judgment is to doe every man right in his caufe. Hence that complaint (Ifa. 59 8;9. There is no judgment in theirgoings ;That is,they have no mind to goe right in any matter, nortodoe right to any man, fo the text explains it feif in the following words, They havemade them crooked paths, whofoever goeth therein ¡hall not knowpeace; Therefore is judgment farre from us, neither dotb Juflice over take oes : we Waitefor light, but beh ld cbfcurity. Every thing fallsout crone and contrary to our hope, becaufe we walke fo croffe and contrary to the rule. It is *great Judgment of God upon man, when Judgment is not found be- tween man and man ; nor is there aclearer evidence that wrath- full JuPdce bath overtakenus, then when righteous Juflice Corti nor. The fame prophet at once represents and rebukes the Church fadly, yea and finfuliyconcluding ( like fob here ) chat her judg- ment was departed (Ifa. 40, 27. ) Why fayeft thou oh facob,and fpeakefl oh 'friar!, (is it comely for thee to fay or fp.iake thus ? ) my way is hidden from the Lord, and my fudgment it pajf'edover rom my God. The words carrya doleful found of difirull either 2 of