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ao Cnap. 27. An Expoftion upon the Book of J o B. Verf.% of Gods good will to them,or power to relieve them. The way of Jacob was not the courfe which he tooke, but the courfe which was taken with him ; or it was the way of Gods dealing towards him, nor the way of his walking towards God. My way is hidfrom the Lord ; As if he had faid, Surely theLord looks not after me, he takes no more notice of what befalls me, than if all were a fe- cret to him, or too hard for him (for in Scripture chofe things are faid CO be hidden from us which are too hard for us (D670.17 .8. ) Ifa matterbe toohard for thee ; The original is, If a matter be hid- den,firange, or wonderfull to thee. Thus. Jacob laid (though ex- preffed by another word )My way is toohard for,or my way is denfrom the Lord ; and my judgment is paiJ'ed over frommy God. Chria reproves the Pharifees ( Luke I I, 442. ) Woe untoyou, for ye tithe most and rue and all manner ofherbs, andpaffe over Judg- ment. And thus the Church feems to complaine of God, My Judgment is paffed over from my God. The Lord regards not to doe me right; He takes no care of my caufe ;He doth not free me out of the hands of the enemy and oppreffor; He path laid me out of his thoughts. In this fence fob fpake here, God bath taken away myjudgment ; That is,he doth not give Judgment or fen - tence for me; he neglects me and mycaule; I long lince deGred that the Lord would have the hearingof it quite through, and fo give Judgment upon me and my friends, or upon the whole mat- ter between me and my friends(Chap. 23. 3, 4.) Oh that I knean pvbere I might findhim, that Imight come even to bisfeat, lwould order my caufe before bim,and fill my month with arguments ; This bath beenmy carne(} fuite to God ; but Godhath takenaway my judgment, he refufeth my petition, he will not acquit me from myadverfary ( which is my due) for he knoweth that I am righ- teous. Sïjudicivanfu- But was not this a great diftemper in Job, to charge God thus; enatur rofa'pe or to complaine that God had taken away his judgment. falet)pro,rqui rato caufe cur I anfwer, we are not tounderfland this fpeech as if he charged debetuoEillaju- the Lord directly with a neglect of doing him right, much leffe dicii pore ywa that he charged the Lord with doing him anywrong. His words aú lbfollutiju- at the.befi had much boldoefs in themand itnpatience,but no blaf &dunBrit non phemy ;whichwas the thing that Satan laboured to bringhim to,' abfoiverepa. even to curfe God, and charge him foolifhly. His meaning then no. Paned. ( takinghis word with agraine of fait) is only this,, that (hod did