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Chap ,7,7, An Expofïtion npon the Boik of J o B. Verf.2, Godly forrow. (Zech.12. to.) They ¡hall look., upon me whom theyhave pierced, and they ¡ball mournfor him, as one mournethfor bis only Son, and theyHealy be in bitterneffefor him, as one that is in bitternefs for his frII-barn. That which the Prophet calls mourn- ing in the former part of the verie,hecalls being inbitternefs in the latter ; As it is an evil and a bitter thing to fin againa God, fo finning againif God (hould be followed with that good ,but bitter thing, mourning or godly forrow. Here fob was vexed or im- bittered, not fo much witbdforrow for his fins, as with the fence of Gods afflì&ing hand in the tryst of his graces. Thus the Al- mighty (faithhe) bath vexedmygout. He did not fay, the almightyhad vexed his body or efpate,though theLord did vex both, or him in both ; He pitched only upon the vexationof his foul ; His aflir&ion went deep, it reached not only hisskin and fiefh, but his foul and fpirir ; yet when he faith, TheAlmighty bath vexedmy foul , he doth not meane it of a foul-affiiaion, either alone, or in oppofition to the afïli&ions of the body, fuch as are trouble of mind for fin, difquietnefs of con- fcience,,and fence of divinewrath, but he means thus much only (I fuppofe) in this place, That his troubles were greatand but - denfome, fogreat and burdenfome, that he was fmitren all over, a d felt the fad effe6s of the Lords *filleting hand in the brief of s foule, as well as in the pains of his body. The almighty bath tiesrodanyfoul. Obferve ; Fir% The Lordbath elllpower in bis hand. Hewere not Almighty,if be had not.Some men have prefumed JC fui 6- themfelves able to do all thins, and fo have mat blafphemoufly &Ride, rreopt ufurped thisattribute of alrraightinefle, but none ever were fo . tt,n,,, onrua of Secondly, Obferve ; flare porous ; It is not for want ofpower that Goddoth not re enti relieve puichraio and helphis difrefedfervent:. p f y putchro Cyri; Arian,1.6. - As flood never Wants flrength to aPai&,fo not todeliver. He is Fed`t' alwayes furnilied with power to execute whatfoever he bath a will to appoynt. When we lye in aflhi&ion unrelieved, weare more ready to queflion the power of God, than our own fìnful- oefs,The 'ewes had fuch apprehenffions of God, as we maycolle& from