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2 Chap. 27., An Expofition upon the Took of Jo B. Verf.i; from that redargution in the prophet ( Ifa. 59.1.) TheLord; hand is not fhortned that it cannotfave; As if he had faid,ye thinke ye are in a difireffe fo deepe that the Lords hand is not long e- nough now ( though it have been heretofore ) to reach your fal- vation, whereas in truth the Lords hand is not fhortned that it cannot fave : The reafon why ye are not delivered, is not becaufe God bath not power todeliver you, but becaufe your fins Rand in the way of your deliverance. Tour iniquities have feparated be- tween pa and yourGod,andyour fins have bidhisfacefromyou that be will not heart. Till our fins be removed either by pardon or re- pentance, or both, troubles will not remove from us. While the fountaine ofgood is feparated fromus,evill mull needs abide wi h us. Our helpe is alwayes in the . hand ofClod, but he bath norà wayes awill to helpe us, and the molt dual reafon why his will is not to fave or deliver us from or out of trouble, is becaufe our will is fo big with fin, and fo much in the deliverance of ir. Thirdly, obferve; The Lord isfometimesfofarr from putting forth his power to releive his precious ones, that he puts it forth to afflict and lay them low. To comfort the foul is the mot} proper worke of God, and yet °cis his work alfo tovex the foule. And as he fpcaks to the wicked in hiswrath andvexeth them in his fore difpleafure (PfaI.z. ç. ) fo 'cis his pleafure( yet not without infinite wifdomand gracious intendment: alto) to fpeak to many who are Godly in his anger, . and tovexe their foules under the fevereft difpenfations. Fourrhly,Obferve,= OffliE1 ons are to the faille as bitter things to the tall. Nochaflning for theprefentfeemeth to be joyous, het grievous, (Heb. s a. II ,) Though afli5tion bring forth peaceable fruits of righteoufneffe to them that are exercifed thereby,yet to be under that exercife is forrow and trouble ; Even thofechaflnings which are (as to the iffue) onely for the tryall and cleanfing of the foul, are allo (in theway) a vexation tothe foul. Fifthly,Obferve ; Saints acknowledge the bandofGodin all their ofliiions. The almightybath vexed myfoule, faith Job. He had many o- ther