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Chap, 27. An ExpoTitian upon the Book of J o B. Verf. g. 29 in his nofirils. (lia. 2. 22.) Or (as job fpeakes )breath is in him. All the while my breath is in me, And thefpirit of God in my nerils. This latter chute is of the fame fignification with the former, and is but a repetition in other words,yet there is foal difference of opinion, what fhould be here meant by the Spirit of God. Thereare among the ancients who underhand, the holy Spirit, not only the Spirit of God,but God the Spirit. And they tell us, That we have adefcription or fpecification ofthe whole Trinity in this Text;By the living God,underfiandingthe Father, and by the almighty, the Sonne, and by the Spirit ofGod, the Holy GboJI.But I cannot comply with this interpretation ; For though I doubt not but job had the Spirit ofGod, yet here he is deîctibinghis natu- rall life,not his fpiritual ; And it is plaine that he intends nothing but his naturall lifeby the Spirit of God, becaufe he calleth it the Spirit ofClod in his noftrils. Toe holy fanEtifying,comforting Spi- rit,is not Paid to be a Spirit in our noftrils ; that's no way fuitable toScripture-fpeaking, which faith, That the Holy Spirit of God dwels in our hearts, or in our inner man, as alfo in our bodyes, but never in our notrils. So then Spirit is the fame with breath. As for that addition, The Spirit ofGod, it fgnifieth only thus t4ch, Spiritus Dei, that God is the maker or author of the Spirit here fpoken of, not G,enitivus eJ_ that the Spirit here fpoken of is God our maker;or that God is the cientis, efficient caufe of this Spirit, as of all other creatures,not that this Spirit is God by nature. So that when lob faith, AN the while my breath is in me, and thefpirit ofGod is in my naflrils, his fcope is, to give utmoft affurance to his frrends,that he intended tohold his owne to the turnoff. His breath hegranted might quickly paffe away, and the Spirit in his noftrils fit upon his lips ready to take leave and be gone ; but if his life fhould continuelong, and be appeare rather like a Home-dweller than aGranger or fojourner in this world, yet hewas fully purpofed to abide and continue in the fame opinion and defence of himfelfc unto the end. Hence Obferve ; Firít, Life is of CJod. The Spirit whereby we live the lifeof nature,as well as the Spi- rit whereby we live the life of Grace,the Spirit in our nofiills as well