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Chap.27. An Expofstion upon the Book, of J o B. Nerf, 3. 31 of Chrifl in the Gofpel about the miferies that were to come up on Yerufalem, let us ( I fay ) pray ) that the flight of it maynot be in the winter of tin, sn the night of ignorance, or on the Saboath, (I mane Satans Saboath ) of carnal fecurity and impenirency. Seeing our breath mull depart whenGod calls, it is our wifdome tomake ready for our departure. It is beft-to be ready and pre- pared for that which we cannot avoid, how unready and unpre- pared foever we are. Molt live as if their life were in their owne band or at their own difpofe,& not in thehand or difpofe of God. Theywho live as they li(l,teem to fay,they can liveas long as they lift. Let us remember, that as we are daily dying, and that as it cannot be many dayes before we mutt die,fowemay die any day. As it is appoynted for all men once to dye by a general decree , fo it is appoynted by a fpeciall decreewhen every man muff dye. This decree is in the breafi of God, in whofe hand our breath is. Therefore as the Prophet exhorts(Zeph. 2. r, 2. )let usgather our felves tog*her, yea gather together (in the wing of faith and every grace ) before the decree bring forth, for our gathering, to our fathers in the Grave. Secondly, Obferve ; Our life is but breath inoar not/rills. Such is the frailty of mans life,that his life hands alwayes atthe doore, as if it were taking leave of him. How foone may that be gone,which cannot flay when our breath is gone? When the Holy Ghoft would fhew how poore a thing man is, and how little or rather how not at all to be trufted, or reckoned upon, He faith, Ceafe ye from man, whofe breath is in loss noftrills (1 fa. 2. 22.) As if that were the moll difparaging expreffîon of mans life. Why fhouldwe keepe fo much adoe about any man living, feting his breath, and fo his life, may be gone before he or we can doe any thing. And as the Prophet calleth us off from relyance upon man in general!, becaure his breath is in his nolirills ; So the Pfalmift upon the fame reafon calleth us off from relyance upon great men in fpeciall, knowng how apt we are to relyupon them, and to give the Gods of the earth that honour which is due onely to the God of heaven, (Pfal. 146.4, ç.) Put not your trufi in Princes, nor in thefon of man, in whom there is no help ; his breath goetb forth, he returnes to duff, in that very day his thoughts perifh. Unleffe