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32 4+ An 27. ,Fxpofitron capon the Book of J o E. Yea. Unleffe breath goe forth we dye,and death is nothing elfe but the going forth of the breath. Life is the going forth at the breath by respiration, and death is the going forth of the breath by ex- fpiration. And how Toone may refpiririg be changed into exfpi- ring ? And as we dyewhenour breathgoesour but rerurnesnot, fo when it cannot get out. Thebody bath been called the prifon of the foul,and fo in forne fence it is;but here is a riddle, The keep- ing of the prifoner is quite contrary to that of other prifoners; we keep prifoners by (hurtingup the doores, but if you (hut up the dooresof your body, the mouth and nofirils, you lodeyour prifoner, the foul gets prefently out : Unleffe thebreath have li- bertie to paffe .ut, you cannot hold it. The way to keepe the breath in, is to give it free pafhage our ; if the outward gyre be kept out, and the breath kept in, life is loft, and we know how fanali amatter will doe this ; A gnat, a fly, the floneof aRaifon, a fingle haire have done it in great examples. Therefore let us ceafe from other men,but chiefly from our felvs, icingwe & they are foToone ceafing: let usnot over rate the perfons of other men, nor ( which we are very apt todoe ) our own,for our breath is in our Noftrills. Thus yobdefcribes himfelfe in his mortal flare, AN the while my breath is in me, and theSpirit of God in my no- firils ; As if he had faid, This is the (laort and the long, theall of my refolutions, while I am in this world, that whether my life or flay in this world be long or fhort, I am (lrongly refolved, That Verf. 4. lips (hall not fpeake wickédnefe, nor my tongueutter deceit. In thisverfe job removes two evils or difcafes, or two evil! dif- cafes of the tongue from himfelfe, Fir(+, the (peaking of wicked- neffe,which is openly evil]; Secondly,the (peaking ofdeceit, which is clofely evil}, Thefe two are joyned as in the text, fo ( Pfa. to. 7. ) His ( that is, the wickedmans ) mouth isfull ofturfingdeceit and fraud : from both thefe infiruments and engines of the wicked, David prayeth eárneffly for deliverance (Pfa. t 2o,2 ) Deliver my faule, OLord, from lying lips, and from a deceitfull tongue. And here Yob protefts againft both thefe tongue-abomi- nations,