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aap. z7. 41,1 Expof:tion upon the Book, of o$. Nerf, q.;: E5 itisufuall in Scripture toafcribemeditation co the conguc,though it be properly the work of theheart or mind ; That which the heart dochmeditate with.a purpofe toutter with the tongue may be fail tobemeditated by the tongue, Davidmakes a promife in that forme (Pfal. 35. 23. )My tongue pallfpeake ofthy righte- o*tfnete, andofthypro:fe,all the lay long; the Heb'ew ts, my tongue meditateof thyrighteoufneffe. ( Dial. 37. 3o. )7be mouth of the righteous fpeabetb (theHebrew is, meditateth) wifdom. Medi- tation isafcribed both to the tongueand mouth,becaufe weought tomeditatebefore we fpeake,or,we (build fpeake that which we have meditated. It is not good to fpeake ra(hly, though that be goodwhich we fpeake , there fluid be fomuch meditationbe- fore weutter any thing with the tongue, that the tongue it fclfe maybe faid to have meditated whatit uttereth. Solomon gives es an excellentrule for this(Pro.19.23.)Theheart of the unfe teacb- eth(or.moftetb vi fe)bis rnoatb,ond addeth learning to bis lips,that is, a wife mannever fpeaks any thing till his heart bath taught it him, tillhe bathdigefled it by meditation, and his heart bath in- faru&edhis lips.Indeed every Godlywife man bath himfelfe been taught of God co heboth a teacher anda learner, a Mafter and a Scholler to himfelfe. He fitteth as a reacher ; or mailer in the chayreof his owne heart, and thence giveth out leffons CO all the parts of himfelf, how CO perform their feverall'and refpe6kive dutyes.. His heart teacheth his foot whether to got, and his hand it teacheth whatto doe : His heart teacheth his eye, how to fee and not fin , asalto his tare how to hare that hemay be faved, and what notto heare let+ he be enfnared. But the cheifefl Schal- ler and hardcft to be kept inorder which the heart huh', is the mouth or tongue i yet this the heartof the wifereached] 8t teach- eth focff°&ually,tb t the mouth is made wife that is, it is made to fpeakifely,and tbenthe mouth(ifever) fpeaketh wifely, when it fpeaks what it bath learned from the meditation of the heart. Thofe are Vitally thewifefh wordswhen they come abroad, which have beenbrought out of the greueflfilence,ót which the tongue may, beaswell Paid to have meditated as to have fpoken. What an age of truth fhould we have if all mens tongues didwell meditate whit they utier,as jobhere profeffech his congue,thould not utter or medicate deceit . For we may put both together in jobs text, My tongue (hall not utter any deck it which I have me- 1F ' dìrated.