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i 34 Chap. 27. 4n Expofsttou upon:tkc Boar of J o s. Neg>," anima weomeduab- aur rnjußa. sept, ther direly or by confcquence, that /am a wickedman, for then I fhould mil- judge and wrongmy felfe,'as ye doe. Ye have not only had and held upanill opinion of me, but ye have held is forch,yet I will not takeup an ill opinion, either of myperfon or ofmy caufc ; as long as I live , I will not dot it my ;confcience bearing me witnefl'e to the contrary. Taking this fence, wicked. neJe may be taken two wayes. Firfl, For wickedne{fe in the matter fpoken. And fo whenhe faith, ¡ will not fpeaki ti ickedneffe, it is as if he had (aid, I will not fpeake the thing that iswicked, I will not affert that tobt juff, which is unjuff, or that tobe righteous which isunrighteous, I will not call evil) good nor good evi11,I will not (to the _ bet}of my underRanding ) put darkncffe for light, nor light for dark- neffe. Secondly, For wickednefíe in the fpeech, or fpeaker; I will not fpeake of my [elfe, or of my cattle againft my knowkdgor confcience; fhouidI adulterate what Iknow of my owneconditi- on by mingling a lye with me, or by coveringit either with ex- cities or denial's, fhould I conceale any part of my knowledg,to the detriment and difadvantage of the [turf:, or to the favingof my own credit, This were wickednefs,but my lips (hall not (peak wickeineff, Nor(hall my tongue utterdeceit. He dothnot fay, my tongue fluff not trefpafîe, or Iwill not of- fend with my tongue; no man can fay, much Isn't fweare that he will not Fin with his tongue;butaamantoay;fweare andbind him- felfe with an oathhthat he will not utter deceit,that is, fin,dcceit- with his tongue:He may [mare that he willnot utter a word fludiedly with an intent either to deceive others,or towrong and prejudice his ovine cattle. Thus any man may engage, himfelfe (when he feeth is needfull) by firongefi affcverations, That, his Tongue fhAll not utter deceit. Theword here rendred to utter ( which is a [peaking out ) fignifies allo to meditate (Pial. r, z. ) which is a fpeaking with- in. Thus the feventy trasflate, and becaufe they fuppofed the tongue be toan improper infirument of meditation, they, infield of tongue, tranflatefeel, neither [hall myfoul meditate deceite; but. it