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42 Chap. 27.~ An Expo'fitión upon the Book_ of Jo R. Verf.5., JOB, Chap. 27. Verf. 5, 6. Godforbid that I fhotelcl jujifteyour tillldye Iwill not remove mine integrity fromme. qty righteoufnefc if holdfafi,andwill not let it go myheart¡hall not reproachme as long as I live. LEde former verfe contained the matter of ohs oath, that in this caute, bis lips fhould not fpeak, wickedmfs, nor bis tongue utter deceit ; in there 'twoverfes he proceedsupon the fame point, (hewing that as he intendednot, yea was refolved not to fpeak aleceic or deceitfully, towrong himfelfe, fo not CO flatter others, Ashe would not condemn himfelf, fo neither would he juflifie them, who had condemned him. God forbid that I fhould jufiifte you : till f dye I will not remove mine integrity fromme, that's his fcope in thefe words. Verf. 5. God forbid, &c. rIttitm The Original is anInterje&ion of indignation, uttered by the Abft alibi tongue, at the riling of the heart againt chat which isoffenfive. lylont.voopro- The word hath adouble fence in a;ñrfl,of prohibition; fecondly, bibitionir eta- of abomination ; Godforbid, that is, let this thingnever be done, bomination's. which todowere an abomination. This word was commonly .`spreefont ufedby the Jews (as the Rabb ns obferve) when they rent their a ments as their cuflome was when theywere extreamly offend rempropiaona:ra ,, volnefas ;:dens ed. This- fpeechand that paffionate a&ion'ufuálly went together, iuodapadGrer- in cccafions ofworfl refentaient. And as theyufed to fay, Gosl cotta Pvó7O. forbid, when they would thew how farm 'íhemfeives were or e täuller: lYlifc¢ :hersought tobe from doing, what God bad forbidden them to txtct.a c,a. do, fo when they would thewwhat God himfelf was furthefl off . from doing. When Abraham pleaded with God for Sodome, ( Gen. r S. 25. ) he telleth him of righreous men there ;andadds, Let this befarre from thee, toflay the righteous with thewicked, or, that the righteous fhruld be m the wicked. The fame phrafe of fpeeeh, which here, in 3ob,is rendred,Ged forbid,is there rendred, Let this be fare from thee, let it be as aprophane or execrable thing. Such aproccdure,in judgment withman, is infinitelybe- ,.