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Chap.27. 14n E ryofition ``upon the Book of Jo B. Vert, 5. low the molt holy and Jufi God. O righteous Judge, let it be farce from thee to flay the righteous incommon with the wicked. Theword is ufed ( fold. 22.29. )Godforbid that wefbould rebel againft the Lord. Todoc any thingwhich God bath forbidden isfinfull, but to rebel againfl God is to a6t to the bight in things forbidden. We have need with a holy paflionatenefs to beggeof Mod, that what his word forbids us to doe, his grace may forbid us ago, God forbid that wefhould rebel againft the Lord, And when Jefhua the Governow, according. to his divine politicks,had put it to the choyce of the peopleof ¡frail, and ( thereby the more to refirain and keepe them clofe toGod ) feemes to leave them to their own liberty of elecekion (in that wherein indeedno man bath any elegy& ton) Choate you this day whom you willferve, whe- ther thegod. which yourfathers ferved,wbicbwere on the etherfide ofthefl.od,er the Gods of the Amerites in whofe landyedwell,but as for meandmy boufe, we willferve the Lord. When Jofhisa(I fay) had thusleft them todoe what they would, that they might be withheld fromdoing what they ought nor, and had (by a like ho- lySkill) (hewed them what himfelfe woulddoe,that in his exam- ple they might fee, what themfelves ought to doe, we prefently findthat the fpiritsof the people were fired with indignationa- gainfl any thoughts of Appliacy from the true God to Idols, of one fort or other, and therefore anfwered andlaid(jofde. 24.16.) Godforbid that we fhouldforfa(Le the Lord, andferve other Gods. Tobebid todoechat,if we will, whichno wife or lober man will doe, is the firongefl wayof forbidding it. And as chisphrafe is ufed to thew our abhorrence todoe wickedlyour felves, fo that vvickednefs fhould be doneby others. (a . Sarn, 20. 2, ) When Davidcold Jonathan that there was a plot for his life, Jonathan faid unto him, God forbid, tbostAt It not dye ; As if he bad Paid, it can hardlybe imagined that filch an execrable murther fhould be committed ; but affure thy felfe it (hall not , if I can prevent it. Sowhen David was put on by his men to take revenge uponSaul, he laid (r Sain.24.6. )The Lordforbid that 1fhoulddoe this thing to myMatter the Lords anointed. David, heart fmotehim for that little which he had done in cutting off the lap of Sauls gar- ment, but hisheart rolewith deteflauon lgainfc the defiroying of him. Thus we render the word upon fuch occafaons; yet 'Icon- ceive, excepting in chofe places where the name of God is ex- G 2 prelfed 43