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Chap. 27. An Expofition upon the Book of JO B. Verf.s. 47 what is that in thyband ? and helaid a rod, and hePaid, cafi it on theground, andbe eaft it on theground,and it becamea ferpentend c ryfofesfled frgnm it; there is an antipathy in the natureof a man again(} hurtfull creatures. A man before converfion bath fin in his hand, andheart too ; but when once converted, he throweth his fin out of his hand,as Moferdid his rod,and then be feeth it is a ferpent, ahurtfullnoxious thing, and then he fleeth from it. That fin which anunregenerate man carrieth as a pleafant rod in his hand, he finds to bea flinging ferpent whenhe is regenerate. The heart being changed, our opinion quickly changeth concern- ing thofe wayes and pra&ices, whichbefore were moil pleating to us; And as God bath in his commandements forbidden us to doe evil', fo we ( with holy Job in the text ) fay God forbid,that we fhould doe it. But it may be queflioned, what there was in this a&ion fo finfull, that his fpirit role up fo againfl it, or that he Mould fay,God forbid I fbould doe it. Sce what it was. God forbid That 1fhauld juflifieyen . It wasthe Juflification of his friendswhich his foule did foab- bor. To jufiifie force men is a dutie, and there are manymen (I grant) whom to juflifie were a fin. There is a finfull judging of others, concerningwhichCbrifl faith ( Math.7. r.)jag not, that ye be not judged. They who judge others unju(lly, (hall be jufily judged. There is alfo a finfull juflifying of others. They who ju(lifie others unduely, may expe& condemnation astheir due. But were Jobs friends fuch ascould not be juflified without fan ? could he not juffifie them, without deferving tobecondem- nedhimfelfe? Did he jsdge them hypocrites,as they judgedhim, and fo notto bejuflìfied ? I conceivenot, furcly IA did notjudge them wicked, and doubticffe they were not, aJs bath been(hewed before ; how is it then that he faith, Godforbid that Ifhould jelftifie you?I anfwer,wemu(l re(lrain this a& of juflification to thecaufe or cafe in hand, it dothnot refer to their perfons,but to their dif-. pute. God forbid that Ifhouldjuftifieyou in this, in your Judgment of me, in the opinion you have taken upof me, or inthe fenfure ye have given of me. Ye have call me as an evil-doer, but I can- not fubfcribe toyour-femme godforbid that 1fhoteld you. tsa