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46 Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of JO B. Verf. $. horres what is evill,nor delights in what is good. Though he ab- ttainc from aCting thole things, which God forbids ; yet hedotth not fay ( with fob ) Godforbid,l Mouldalt them. David gives this as one of the aloft diftinguifhing charactersof a wicked man, (Pfal. 36. 4. ) He devifeth mifcheife upon bis bed, befetteth him- felfe in A War that isnot good ;be abhorrerb not evill. And "though be doth good, yet his heart doth not cleave to nor delight in ir. To delight in good, is better than the doing ofir, and to abhorre evil ,is better than abftaining from ir. And if we compare the na cure of fin,with the new nature of a godly man,we may fee cleare grounds, why his abftinence from en, is )oyned wich the abhor tence of it. Firft, Sin is filthy anduncleane in its nature, the Scripture calls it vomit ; we loath and abhor what;is filthy and uncleane, efpe- daily our vomir. And to Chew howmuch fin is to be abominated, it is called abominable,yea an abomination(Pro. a z. z a.)And that wicked Idolatrous people, the heathenRomans, who wereskit full to defiroy ( andafter their laying defolate many other lands, at laa, layd the holy Land declare, to punifh theunholineffe of them that dwelt in it, they I fay)are called the Abomination ofde- folation ( Math. 24. 15.) no macvaile if thole perfons andac`kions are abhorred by others, which are themfelves abominable; it is that they are not More abhorred by all thole, who (through grace ) are made fenfible of theirabomination. When the river was turned to blood, and flunke, theEgyptians loathed to drink of the water of the river, (Exod. 7. 14..) As corrupt water, fo corrupt a9tions flinke in the noftrils of agodly man, bow much more inthe nofirils of God, there is a fameneffe of fpirit (in God and ina godly man ) in reference to the thing is felfe,though infinitely different in degree;fin finks in the nofirills of :godly man, as well as in the nofirills of God, and therefore he 'oaths todrinke it,and cannot beare it when hebath, but muff vomit it up againe. Secondly, Sin and all fnfull wayes are prefenredtoagodly man, asextreamly hurtful, poyfonous,snd deadly ; Nature, much more grace, turneth away from ehofe things that are deffructive. Shall I meddle with that which will be my death ? (faith aGodly man) (hall I fuck the blood of a toade, or Bate the ilefh of a fer- pent ?(hall I doe this I The LordPaid to tfrlofes Exod. 4. 2, 3.) what