Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v8

To theChriftian Reader, ful,and mutt have vent, 'twould break elfee The pertinacy and opennefr ofhis opponents in cenfuring and condemning himfor a bypot;ite and wicked, made him more then open, almoft pertinacious both in aliening bis own upright- nefs, andin defying thofe odious imputations, as he that runs may read and underftand at thebe- ginningof the twentyfeventhChapter.What'ere came on't, hewould notjuttifie his condemners, much lets condemnhimfelf ; Let his enemy be as the wicked, andhe that rofe.up againft him as the unrighteous, not he; nor doth Job only deny that hewas wickedor a hypocrite, buthe proves (unanfwerably) that he was not ; For, though hehad loft all that himfelf had gained, and God (as hebeleived) flood ready to take away bisfoul too, yet his hope remainednot on- ly alivebut lively ; whereas thehypocrites hope dies,or whats the hopeofthehypocrite though he bathgained(andholds what hehathgained) when God taketh away his foul ? Again,thoughfuck trouble came upon him as, confirainedhim tocry, yet Godheardhis cry though the Almightygrieved him, yet he de- lighted himfelfin the Almighty, and alwayes calledupon God; whereas, when trouble com.o eta upon the hypocrite , will God hear his cry ?_