Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v8

To the Chriftian Reader. cry. ? or will the hypocrite delight himfelt in the Almighty ? will he alwayes call upon God? A hypocritewill fometimes doe thefe things,but be never bath awili to doe them; and inmany cafes he will not fomuch as doe them, An hypo- crite may for a whileperform the ass, and put on the .habit ofa godly man,but he cannot atall put offhis ownnature, nor will he pertevening- lyperform thole ass Willhe alwayes call up- onGod?That whieks onlyfeigned, and is not, eafily returns towharit is : No man can alwayes appear to be, what he Moth but appear to be. Truthonly abides in and after all tryalls,. Job was able to argue from the confiant tenourofhis heart toward God, that God layat his heart, and was not (as the Prophet fpeakes of the hypo trite) far from his reins , while neer in his ;mouth. Indeed,the dealings ofGod withhimwerefo intricate and full ofmiftery , that to find out or a f gna rea fon of them,wasfarmore difccult then tofind out the Silver veinand the place of Gold, or anyofthe molt precious Gemms and raritieswhich Nature (by the order of God) bath conco5led and treafiured up in the bofome andbowells ofthe earth, as he difcourfeth at large in theformer part ofthe 28t1? Chapter;i be wif'.