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5o Chap. 27. An Expofition upon the B0,ldof J o s. iterf. S; as finfull to juflifie others, or to be their advocates when they have done cvill,or in any evil! deed. Every aetion muff be weigh- ed by it felfe, andBand upon its ownebottom, one cannot helpe or fave another. It is our dude to forgive another, many ill car- riages anduncharitable, yea injurious adtings towards us, but to juulifie them, or him in them, would be our fin. In all fuch cafes let us fay, God forbid I(hould juftifieyou, though youmay be fuch as God ju ftifieth, and though ye have done many things whick arc not onely juflifiable, but commendable in another kinde. Chriul knew that Peter was a holy man for the maine, yet whenhe gave him ill counfell, he turned andfaid untohim, Get thee behind not Satan, thou art anoffence to me, for thou favourefb not (in this thing)the thing: that be ofGod,but thofe that be of men(Math. s 6. 23. ) And we read that the Apoille Paul was fo farre from jufli- lying the Apoflle Peter himfelfe, when he law, that through his fault, many walked not uprìghtly,according to tbPtruth of the Go- fpel, that (faith he) Iwitbftood him to theface, becaufe be was to be blamed, ( Gal. 2. i t, 14. ) We cannot doe better for our belt friends, than to let themknow when theydoe badly. Nor fhould we for any thing more condemne our felves, than for juflifying another in any thing for whichhe ought to be condemned. God forbid that IMould juftifieyou. 71111dye l will not remove mineintegrity fromme. In this latter part of the verfe,job gives a reafon of what hefaid in the former ; Hecould not juflifie them without removing, or partingwirh his owne integrity, which was the bell Jewel he had in the world, and which he was refolved never to part with while he lived. Therefore,faith he, Till I dye, &c. The Original! word notes an eafie, a,quiet, a natural! death; Pt3 expîvit though I fhould live till my candle doth confume away,and fpend. animom a 1- it felt not being violent! blowne out by others; though I Chould vit,ltinitermor ly sous foie. live as long as I could live, I could not juflifie you, god forbid I fhould juffifle you, till I dye , &c. There is a doubleconnexion of thofe words,till I dye,The Greeke Interpreters joyne them to the antecedent words, the Latines to thofe which follow, till 1 dye I will not remove my integrity from rat;but it is not of concernment whether