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Chap. 27. An Expofätion upon the Book of J o B. Vert'. s. 5 t whether we çonne6t them to former or latter, or divide them be- tween both, Iwill not jufiifse you till ! dye, neither will I, till ! dye, remove mine integrity fromme. Till! dye The meaning is not, that Job would remove his integrity at or before his death, but this is a flrong affirmation that he would never remove it ; I will not doe it till 1 dye, is, I will not doe it at all. We maygive a twofold interpretation ofthis his refolution, I will not doe it till I dye.Firfl thus,as ifhe were refolved not to doe this,thovgh it íhouldof} himhis life;he efteemed his integrity at fuch a rate, that he could eafier lay down his life than let goe his integrity. Life is the belt of Naturals, but integrity is the belt of moral's and fpirirualls ; and therefore thoughhe dyed for it, he would not ( by any a6t or conceffìon of his) remove, no nor hie - mifh his integrity. As if he had faid;though I knew my life were inyourhands,and ye able to take my life from me,yet I would not doe this thing, I am fixed and at apoynt with you in this, what ever it colt me. And becaufe this fence is much infifted upon by forne, it being a truth, and complying with other Scriptures. Obferve ; AGodlyman refelvetbbe will never doe evil), come ofit what will. Fall back or fall edge,he will not doe ir. Agodlyman refolves againft doing that which is anevil( of wrongto others,much more againft doing that which is an evill bothof wrong and fin to him- felfe. Zealous Daniel was thus refolved when he faw hecould not preferve his integrity without endangering the life of another , which could not but be extreamly dangerous to himfelfe.(Dan. r. .) Daniel purpofed inhis heart that be would not defile bimfelfe with the portion of the Kings meat, nor with the wine which be drank, therefore he reque/Èedof the Prince of the Eunuchs that be might not defile himfelfe. And the prince ofthe Eunuchs Paid unto Daniel, !feare my Lord the King, who bath appoynted your meat andyour drinkr, for why fhould hefee yourfaces worfe liking than the children whichare ofyour fort,tben'ballyemakeme endanger my bead to thekìng. Daniel might well. ihinke, This Great officer would not eafily grant him a favour which in the ifï'ue might H 2 lofe