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Chap.a7. AnExpofstian upon the Book, of J o B. Vert. 6. Ihave fufered the logeof sll things, and doe count them but dung that I may win C;rift, and he found in him, not havingmy own righteoufneffe, which itof theLaw. As if he had faid, I wouldnot be found tohave any of myown righteoufnefle in my hand for a world ; For as to the bufineffe of jollification, our righteoufneffc is droilè and dung, yea, all our rsgbteoufnáfes are as filthy raggi, ( Ifs. 14. 6.) Not only are thole righteous acts filthy which are done (as the Pharifees did theirs) for felf-ends,or in hypocrifie, but there is afilthinege ( asthey are done by us) in chofe righte- ous a6ts which are done to a right end,or in fincerity ; and there- fore the mot+ righteous perfonmuti not hold his righteoufneffe, he muff let it goe. Though I were righteous (faith jcb,Ch.9. I 5.) yet would Inot anfwer, (in a legal way for juflification in my felfe) butI world makefupplication tomy fudge ; that is, I would hum- ble my felfeand begge his pardon. And again (v. 2r.) Though Iwere perfell,yet *ould I not knowmy own foul. But when it corn- eth to acafe or controverfie between him and his friends, then he held fail hisrighteoufneffe,the righteoufneffe ofhis fanetificatioi and converfatton. There, righteoufneffe is no droffe,but gold,fil- ver, precious Roues, thefouls riches ; of this righteoufneffejob profeffeth in the prefent Text, Ihold it fafl. The word lignifies tobold Rrongly ; As if be had faid, This my rigbteoufnefs Ibold withdenyflrengtb ; noman (hall take it fromme, but I'le know why. This Reddy purpofe of jobhere repeated may import two things. - Firfl, Perfeverance in doing righteoufly ; As if he had faid, I will nevergive over the wayes and works of rigbteeufneffe. Thus the LordbefpeaksSatan (Ch. 2.3..) Haft thou confidered myfir- vane lob, that there is nenelike him sn the earth, a perfert man,and anupright, one that fearorb God, and efcbewetb evils, and fiil be boldstbfall bit integrity, although thou movedfl meagainfi him to defiroy himwithout caule. When theLord faid, be boldetb fafl bie integrity, the meaning is, he perfevereth, or goeth on, aeting his integrity ; be will not be beaten off, no not by all thefe blowes : Thouhall moved me to defroy him, but dePruaion it feltcan- not remove him from his duty. So force expound the placehere, myrigbteoufneffe Iholdfafl; as if fob would Phew, that as hehad kept, fohe was purpofed to keep a perpetual courte of holineffe, righteoufneffe and julice, from the very fiat to the let ; but I con-, 57