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To the Chriflian Reader. Wifdome wherebyGodmanagethfuchproviden. tial difpenfations among thefopsofmen, being hid (as he therefaith) from the eyes -ofall liv- ing, and kept dole from thefowles ofthe air, God alone underftandi ng the way thereofand knowing the placethereof. And therefore Job, preferring an humble nefciencebefore a bald in- trufon into thefecretsofGod, calls us of front the purfuit ofthat hidden wifdome to a wif .dome plainly revealed in the lafl verfe of the Chapter; And untoman he laid, Behold, the fear ofthe Lord that is wifdome, and to de. part from evill is underf}anding. And, that the Lord had Givenhimwi fdome ro fear him, and underftanding to depart from evil, Hedemonfrates by giving an account or narrative ofthewhole courfe ofhis life in the dayes ofhis profperity,both in his,publickcap. city as a Magiftrate,throughout the 9thChapter (a defcriptionofhisfadnhange from that fills the 3oth)as alto inhisprivatecapacity,whether abfelute as a man,or relative to Godorman, iu the 31 th. That in thedifcharge ofall thefe du- ties, thefear of the Lord had been his wif. dom,and a departure from thofefin.evillswhich hang about them, his underftanding, he not on- ly makes a very fälemn protejiation, but by way r.