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Chap. 27 Expofition upon the Book of J o s. Verf. 7. 73 to keepe offthe daylydroppings, or mot+dreadful! formes and threatenings that are written in the booke of God. And indeed there canbe no flicker from divinewrath , but in divine love. Therefore ( faith job ) I would have no friend of mine,nochildc of mine, no neighbour of mine in fuck *condition as they are in ; Let mine Enemybe as the wicked, and him thatvifetb upagain( me of theunrighteous. That's a fecond Interpretation, reprefent- ing thefe wordsas an argument of fobs piety, who, how much fo- ever he had fpoken of the profperity of wicked men,yet was farre frombeleeving that any true happineffe'belonged to them; the choyceff of their comforts,theirmoff perfeef profperity,doth not put themone fiep beyondmifery. Thirdly , We may Interpret thefe words as anargument of yobs Courage in his caufe. And then, Let mine Enemy be as the wtcked,is either a Prophefie( mine Enemy !hall be as the wicked) or an Imp-ecation, I with they were fo. Many read it onely as a Prophefie( as was touch before ) foretellingwhat fhould become of his Enemy. But what Enemydoth he meane ? He meanes not fldverfsrium an Enemy in reference tohis rfon but to his caufe his enemy defignat cuus Y p` ; Y inimicitio vew was;his oppofite injudgment and opinion ; and when he faith, few non inter Let mine Enemy; be as the wicked, or mine enemy fhal/be as the perfonas, fed wicked, he fpeakes of their defert, not of his own delire, or he c°m,ugnanter fpeakesof what might jufilybefall them, not of what he would fementias ñ° fri have them fall into. As if he had faid, mine enemy, or he that ú °emeáé® oppofeth me in this Caufe, deferves tobeas the wicked,and to be eventuut imps. handled as the wicked, or in the carriage and handling of this as inimicus Caufe mine enemy will be foundas the wicked,andhe thatrireth °leuA upagain(( me as the unrighteous. It is poßïble for a good man Janfon. to engage in a bad flatter, and in the uprightneffe of his own heart to doe and fay that which is not right. Holy maul could fay of himfelfe before his converfion ; I verily thought withmrfare, that 1 ought to do many things contrary tothe nameofpith' ofNa- carcth(Acts-26..9,) And fome after converfionhave done things contrary to ;he name,and truthof Chriff,howmuch more of their brethren, But no goodman canoppofe,agood Ç4ufe, or agood man, but begets aJfaine upon bis goodne,fe by it. It is Iniquity, or un- righteoufneffe to vex any man in his righteous caufe, or in the righteouineffe of his caufe, job fpeaïs=homeand ïomewhat harfh- ly, when he called his friends Enemies, butthey had conftrained L him.