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74 Chap. 2f. An Expofition upon the Book of J o E. Verf. '7. him. Yet two things give form allay to the íharpncfs of his Ian buage. Ftrii , That he did it onely inreference to the Bate of the bui: finefs , not of their perfons. Secondly,That hedid it CO awaken, and Ririe them up CO con- fider what they had done. He [pukes roughly to them, that they uifqui, mihi might defifi from fpeaking and dealing fo roughly with him, arad in hat eoafa ad. forbeare to fallen the Cenfureof hypocrife upon him. And we verfet r, ton find that the Lord himfelfe in theclofe of this difpute,doth verifie dem aliquando this Prophetic of,job( Mine Enemy shall be as the wicked) for the injuri.e con! Lord tells them Chap. 42. 7. ) when the bufnefs came before demnabitur. him ) My wrath i s kindled againfi tbee ( namely Elipbaz,) anda- S°o' gainfi thy twofreinds, for ye have not fpoken ofme the thing that is r i jbt,asmyfervant fob. There God verified ir, that fobs ene- mie s, or they that food in this Caufe againfR himwere as the un- righteous, and wicked. Secondly , We may cake notice of the qualification of this fpeech, (Let mine enemy be as the wicked, and be that rifetb up a- gains! meas the unrighteous ( he doch not pofitively affirme that they who were Enemies to him in that caufeor bufineffe, were wicked, or were unrighteous, but let them be as the wicked: While they take part and joyne with the wicked and unrighteous in their Cenfures upon me, they make themfelves fuch; fuchwas tab, confidence in thegoodnefs of hisCaufe, that he feared not to affirme his oppofers would be found as the unrighteous and the wicked. Hence, Obferve ; Be that oppofeth a righteoas Caaje, as the part ofan unrighte- ous man, I doe not fay, ( nor did fob ) that every one that oppofetha righteous caufe, is unrighteous ; but he thatoppofeth agodly or righteous man, in a righteous caufe, aRs like an ungodly man, or he takes up the worke of the unrighteous. Thus job faid to his wife ( Chap. z. to. )Thoufpeakefi as one ofthe foolifh womenufe to fpeak! ; be doch not fay, thou art a foole, or a wicked woman,' but in this thou aetef} like one of them. Thus a good man may at as a wicked man, both in oppofing that which is good, and in complying with that which is evil), and fo he may be numbred with