Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v8

Chap. 27. An. Expofition upon the Took of J o s. Verf.8. thus; That be fhould bring it about; So Maher Broughton ;what can be the hopeof the hypocrite, that he fhouldbring it about; that is, that he fhould perfect or make it good. Thehypocrite may have a. great hope ( which really is only a great prefumprion) but he cannot bringhis hopeabout, he cannot compaffe or obtaine that which he lookesand longs for ? Secondly, .( reads another) what is thehope of the hypocrite, Pram qu efi which he bathfulfilled, or brought about ? As if he had aid, e petalqua - hypocrite lookes butforworldlygaine, ifhe canfill his purfe, andget expic erit? preferment,ifhe canfill his belly and take his pleafure, hefits dome Jun. fatssfied,andfaitb, Ihave enough. Nowwhat is the hope of thehy- pocrite, thoughhe bath fulfilled this hope ? though he bathgained ? thoughhe bathgotten as muchas ever he expelled ? though be be as rich or richer than ever be expelled ? though he beas great , and greater,in this world,tban ever heexpelled? though he have as muds pleafsore and more than ever be expelled ? what is the hopeoftheby- pocrite,tboughbe path fullfilledand reached theutmofl line ofall theft hopes ? may we not write emprineffe and infufficiency,maywe not write weakneffe and uncertainty, may we not write vanity, yea vexationof fpritupon the forehead of all thefe things ? Then, What is thehope of the hypocrite, thoughhe bath gained? Becaufe the particular gaine of the hypocrite isnot expreft in the text, thereforewe may affix any thing to it, that is gaine in the efleeme of the world, or worldly men, as thus. , Firfi, Though he have gained wife and children, that's one gaine. Secondly , Though behave gained credit, and a good namea- mong men,that's another gaine. Thirdly, Though hehath gained honour and authority above men, though he be becomea great man, one of the greateft men in the world, yea though he hath gained the command of che Ehe,peeuni,e whole world, what is hishope? accipiier avidc Fourthly he bath been a Money-catcher - et invia, pro- Y Though catc s as a hea_ ax,rapax,tra- thendefcribes greedy Gripers ) like a Kite, or a Hawk, fnatching l,ax trecentis at all gaineas his game,avaritioufly heaping uphis prey, and glut- verfhus tuas ting himfelfe with, andglorying in his abundance, what is his inipuritates lo- hope? quinemin te. Fifthly, Though he bath gained ( which is a more precious Perla. gaine than all thefe ) all knowledg and learning in all Artsand Sciences, s