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ti. Chap. 27. An Expofition upon the Book of o 2. \ferf. b. not good ; His is a falfe ref(, and that is not good ; His is a Ilion ref+, a re& only fsttingand fattinghim for the flaughter, and fuch a reft is not good ; though he bath ref+, yet he bath no hope of re(i,and what is hope in pofleffion,where there is none in expcta- vn xívaze Lion? rit, a tt11 Secondly, Others derive the Original word from a root,whích guod efi'extra- fignifiesto pollaway, to drawof, to draw out ; fo we, what is the ,Jere, oducere. hope of the hypocrite though be bath gained, when God draws out, or takes away hisJoule ; the foule is taken awayby death, and that by anaturali death as well as by a violent.But the word here ufed doth properly imply aviolent death,and that fence is moll agree- able to the prefent text, becaufe the toul ofa wicked man (aswill further appeare in the notes) is.( as.ic were) forced out of his bo- dy, though he dye ( as we fay) fairely upon his bed. The word fagnifies properly, the drawing of a (word out of the (heath or fcabbard, which notion dochelegantly comply with that expreffi- on of the prophet Daniel, who calleth or compareth the body of man to a sheath ; we tranflace him fpeaking thus of himfelfe ; My Spirit was grieved:ivithin me (Chap. 7. i ç. ) The Chaldee is ( aswe put in the Margin) in my [heath, that is, in my body: the body being as the (heath,and the foule as the (word. When God the foule of anyman out of hisbody , he un(heath's it. But he pulls the foule of awicked man out of his body, like a may (word out of the (heath, whichcomes not out without much ftrengrh and tugging. The word is alfo applyed to the pullingoff the fhoo from the foot;our fhooes doe not dropor fall off,but are untyed &pulled off.Thus the word isufed(Exod.3. 5.)put ofthy (hoots from off thy feet , for theplace whereon thoufiandeflis holy ground, faith the Lord to (Motes when he appeared in the burning Bu(h. Thefouls ofa wicked man parts with his body like a (irait (boo, or a (boo fall eyed from the foot, very uneafily.So that un- der both alluf ons, the word implyes fuch a kinde of - violence,ia the departureof the hypocriteout of thisiiEe, as if,/oath to depart, were alwayes his parting ,his dying fong. Godeputterh off¡or pul- lethout the foule of the hypocrite, hedoth not freely refigne or yeeld it up when called to come forth. So much for the opening of there words ; What is the hope ofrho hyperite, though he bath gained, when God takethaway his (sole. The Obiervations from them are many, Firfi,