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Chap.27. An Expofation upon the Book, of J o B. Verf. 8. 8 3 looke for, his hope perifhethwhen God Cooke away his foule. When agodly man dyeth, his hope is perfected by the fruition of that which he hoped for, he cnjoyech all and more than ever he expected. But when an ungodly man dyeth,hishope periíheth in a difappoyntmcnt of fruition, heenjoyeth nothing at all of all that, which he ( though with little reafon ) fo much expe&ed. Againe, What is the hope of the hypocrite, though he have gai -: ned ? The Spirit of God joynesgaine with thehypocrite. Hence Obferve, Thirdly ; Covetoufnsfeandbypocrifie ufteally dwell together. 'me true love of worldly gaine, and the falfe love of fpirituall gaine, bent in couples, anel are feldotn fevered. Hypocrifie aimes at gaine, and often hits it, buck atwayes miffeth true gaine; falfeneffe in the things of God, wakes for fullnefs in the things of men, but real fullnefs it gets none. Whena falfc heart feeth that religion is in credit, that godlynefs is the way to worldly greatnefs and that ( as fometimes it doth, though rarely) the profeflion of it leadeth to advancement , prefently he takes upon him the pro- fetfion of Religion,and puts on the garbe or fafhion.of godlyneffe. Chria faith of hypocrites, They devonrewidower houfes, andfor a pretencemake longprayers. A falleheart prayeth, and will be much induty, that he may devoure the houles and elates of others, or that he may frnooth his way to his ownends ; but he cares not tobe, nor is heat all in duty to draw neare toGod, or improve bisown fpiritual of}aceCO the end. This is a dangerous temptati- on in theft times,becaufe now religion is look'd upon with a good eye, and religious godly men are in place a falle heart works up- on this, and will be inany forme of religion, that hath a faire ac- ceptance in the world, through the favourable eye of Princes and earthly Powers, call upon it. The Apoftle fpeakes of fome(i i m. 6, ç.) whofuppofed thatgain wasgodlynefs ; and furely the end which fuch had in profefling godlyneffe, was that they might be gainers, or have outward preferment by it. As for godlyneffe in it felfe,or abilra&ly confidered,they defpifed ir,they cared no more for it than for their old ihooes ; but the hope of gain was fo Tweet to them, or they were fo hungry and fharpe let after it, that they counted godlyneffe, which to their natural appetite was bitter, or at bet( had nobetter raft in their palates, than the white of an M z egge.