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84 Chap. 27. An Expofstion upon the Book of Jo B. Verf.8. egge, tobe apleafant morfel. Covetoufneffe being predominant in the hypocrite, he will f e -fo far a fervant to any thing as it brings in gain, which is the yet and food of covetoufneffe, Fourthly, fob fuppofeth the hypocrite gaining. Hence Note ; Hypocrites may, and asfssally do, gain much in this world. As they have a great delire of worldly gain, fo they get it; theywould fain have the world, and God faith, take it. The Lord gives them (as he gave the Ifraelites in the Wilderneffe, (Pfal,78. 29,3o.) their own de(ire,and they are rot efirangedfrom their luffr,that is, they have what they will or lua to have, God gives them their reque l ( Pfal.io6. i ç.) but fends leannefe into their foul, yea, while the meat is in their mouths, the wrath of God comes upon them. Thehypocrite brings hishope about, he fulfils his delre, andobtains what he proje&s, ; hypocrifie is to force a very thriving trade, The hearts of Saints only are filled with the hidden danna, but the bellies of the wicked are often filled withhidden Treafure (Pfal. ay rq..) that is, with thole dainties and good things, which are vertually hidden in, and for- mally fpring out of thebelly and bowelsof the earth. The Lord eafily grants them their with in fuch things, and gives them their portion ( which is all their portion) in this life. For as they are but common profeffors, fo there are but common mercies, fuch as many óf his Enemies receive, whó are but fatted as Oxen for the (laughter, and fitted for defirnt&ion. True happineffe is not robe judg'dby lands or houfes, bygold or liver. Theworld is a narrowbound : unleffe we'getbeyond the creature, and fet our hopes above thisworld, we cannot behappy. As hypocrites de- fire, fo they attainmuch of the world, but they flail attain no more, howmuch foever they feem todefire it. Obferve, Fifthly; Riches or worldly gains avail nothing in the approaches of death. The hypocrite (whichYob, Chap. 31. 24, profefl'ed he had not done ) maketh geldhis hope, andfaith to the finegold, thou art my confidence. But when pale death appears, when the King of kerrours thews his face, neither gold nor fine gold cangive any COW.,