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Chap. 2 . An Expofition upon the Book, of J o B. Verf.8. 85 comfort. The Apofile Paul could fay upon a welt - groundedaffu- rance ( Phil. 1. 21. ) Tome to dye isgaine. Happy are they who gaine when they dye, but all the gains of this life cannot make us dye happily. Solomon bath toldus fo, ( Pro. i i. 4.) Riches pro- fit not in the day ofwrath, but righteoufnefs delivereeb from death. Riches and profit are (in common fpeech) the fame things, yet there's a time whenriches are unprofitable. Many have beende- livered unto death for their righteoufneffe(Math.5 .1 o.)yet righ- teoufnefswill deliver all that have it, from death ; that is, from the Ring and wrath that is indeath. But faith the Prophet (E- zek. 7. 19.) Their flyer and their gold(hall not be able todeliver them in the day ofthe wrath of the Lord, whether that be a day of common publick deífru&ion upon aNation, or a day of particu- lar perfonal death. And feeing worldly things give as no reliefe in death, let not us linger after , much leffe live upon worldly things ; let not us live upon worldly things while we live here, much leffe expe& any thing from them when we go hence. Gvodlineffe will Rand by us whenwe dye, the riches of faith, the gaineof fpiritual knowledge and experience ; the encreafes of grace which we have made, will ffand byus, and Rand usin Read when we are dropping to the ground, and our frail bodies fal- ling into the Grave. When God takes away the foul of a belee- ver, all his foul gaines fhall abide withhim ; But, what dotb all that avail a rochman which hebath, ifhe bath not God, who gave ge prodeff himas that he bath ? They who (as Chriíf fpeaketh, Luke r 2.20.) diviti quadho- lay up treafure for themfelves, and are not rich towards God, that bot,fsdeum,quf is, rich in the graces which they have received fromGod, and nonhabitat Au- rich in the duties and acts of grace which they have returnedun- u[ì Epill.7Q. to God. They (T fay.) who are not thus rich towards God,thall find no benefit tin all the creatures which they have laid up for themCelves,inthe day of their greateRneed,the day of death. Sixthly , 7ob fpeaks here flightingly of all the hypocrites gaine upon this account, becaufe his foul continues in a loft con- dition. what is the hope of the hypocrite though he bathgained, &c. Hence Note ; Theyare miferable who loft theirfouls, though they get much of, or all this world. He makes an ill market that puts off his foul at any price ; Chriff