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Chap. 27. An Expo[tion upon Ile Book of J o B. Verf. 9. 89 J O B, Chap. 27. verf. 9, ro. Will God beare bis cry,mbtn trouble cometh upon him? Willhe delight himfelfin sheiflusigbty?willhe alroayes call upon God? N thefttwo mks fob 'profecutes andproves what he hadaf- ferred in the former verfe, that, The hypocritebath no hope; What is thehops of the hypocrite, when God taketb away bis joule? He thatbath hope (hall be anfwered when heprayeth, God will harehis cry. Lie that bath hope delighteth in God, when he feeth nothingbut caufes of forrow in the world. Hope encoura- geth the foule to feeke unto God without ceafing in the loweff ebbe, and darkeft night of outward trouble. But all thefe run crof% to the hypocrite , He (hall cry and not be heard, He bath no delight inGod, nor canhe hold out long in calling upon God; Thereforehe bath no hope. fobs proofe arifeth two wayes ; He argues,Firfa,fromwhat Godwould not doe ; God will not bear his cry, when trouble cometb upon him , therefore he bath no hope, that's his firft argument ; Secondly, He argues from what the hy- pocrite would not doe, and that in two particulars. Firf},hisnot delighting inGod ; Will be delight hìmfelfe in the eAlmigbty ? The fence of the queftion is Negative ; He will not,and therefore he hath no hope. Secondly, He argues from his not perfevering in prayer to trod; wi/1 be atrvayes call upon God ? He will not, and therefore he hath no hope. Verf. 9. mill God heart bis cry? No ; He willnot. TheLord heares the !etawhifper of a gra- cious foule ; the language of his heart, his thoughts, have a found in the eares of God ; But the cry, the loudeft cry of an hypo.. crite, God mill not heart , That is, he will not flaew him favour by granting him that which he cryed for. God heares what is faid in prayer, whofoever prayeth, but there are many prayers made which he doth not grant ; it is no good to us to be heard,. unkfie we be thus heard; in Scripture language, not to be helped is not to be heard. N YYill