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9© Chap. 27. An Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Verf. 9. Will God bearhis cry ? Çlamare e/l at. By a crywe are to under(iand more than ordinary prayer, &Plats aut con- crying is vehement praying ; crying notes earnefineffe, or ferven- tentiìu ímplo cy in prayer. This Poore man cryed, faith the Prophet ( Pfal. 34. rare open. 6.) that is,heprayed mightily)and the Lord beard bim, andPaved him out of all bis troubles (Exod. i4. t'5.) And the Lord fetid unto t.Y4ojos, wherefore cryeft thou unto me ? that is, why do(l thou call fo earnefily upon me? Mofes cryed though he fpakeno- thing, it was the intention of his Spirit, nor the lcudnefle of his voyce, it was the clamour of his heart, not of his mouth that made the cry. As in Scripture the multiplying of prayer, notes the in- tention of the Spirit in it (Ifa. i. ti.) Whenyoufpreadforthyour bands, I wild-fiide mine eyesfromyou,yea,wbenyoumake many pray- ers, I willnot heare ; your bands are full ofblood. So crying out in anyone prayer, (hews utmoti intention of the Spirit in it. Will God heart his cry ? That is, will heheart when he is moti ur- gent and importunate in prayer ?when his fpirit is, as it were,all on fire, or inflamed in prayer ? No, he will not ; God will not only, not heare his floathfull prayers, and his fleepy prayers, his cold -hearted, and dead-hearted prayers, but when he feemeth to be moti warme and lively in prayer, whenhe feemes to bemoti hearty and preflïng inprayer, God will not heare him. This as gravates the mifery of the hypocrite exceedingly ; And yet that which followeth, aggravates it much more, Will God heare his cry When trouble comes uponhim? An hypocrite would not much care if he were not heard in times of peace,& in the affluence of outward injoyinents,butrhis pinch- eth him to purpofe, that God will not heart his cry when trou- ble cometh upon him ; fuch troubleas is a tireight, and puts him between two walls, yea that puts him ( as it were) in the flocks, or in prifon, that puts him in little eafe ; fuch a kind of trouble, a firaighining trouble is here meant', yea and a vexing trouble. Many troubles may comeupon us, andyet not put us to (freights, we may be in trouble, andyet feeour way out of trouble;but that man is in a fad condition, who being in trouble knows not which way to turne for helpe in the world, And while he turnes himfelfe to God, God will not heare him. When