Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v9

To the Chri fbias Reader. My hearts elefire and prayer for England, with the uniteel Dominions is, that it may befo; That after all our breali,ings an'e may be bound up, that after all our dividings we may be u- nited, that after all our 'baking! we maybe f tit- led uponfame roundations:and that thofe three fayre Daughters ( for whofe full birth and growth among 11,S thefoules ofmany thoufands have been in travel with groanes and prayers and tearer thefemany yeares, that I fay thofe three fayre Daughters, fayrer then the three Daughters ofholy job who were thefayreft in all the land ) Jemirna The light of truth more cleare then the day ; Kezia , The perfume of Godlynes and righteoufnes, more pleafant then Caffìa ; together with Peace and plenty morebeautifitll thenKeren-happuch,the Horne of beauty may be the I ripe-hi:ùe of thrfe three Nations, after all the dolorous throes andpangs whichhitherto they haveendured; or which is the fumme and crowneofall , That Jefus Chrifi Thçman -child long-finceborneaniraculoufly in- to the world, may now be .brought forth in our world Ç?lorioufly , in all adminifirations both Spiritual! and Civili, every knee bowing to him, every heart triumphing in hint, every tongue f eaking , everyhand working fór hin: iii