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To the Chriflian Reader. flä e andpatience, in holding that awake and f n fkll hand, which bath held the pen thus long. And as I ought to give no other reafon (in chiefe) why Ihave done it, but to pleafe Him; fo I cangive no other account how I have clone it, but his good pleafure, becaufe it feeíned good inhis fight as to put thepen into my hand, fo to keepe both heart and hand upon it unto This Day. I may wel give it with an Emphafis unto This Day ; feing the day inwhich Iam come to this Endofmy wor4e, is fo very like the day wherein I began it , full of motion, fomewhat darke antiflormy. Indeed ( as notice was taken in thepr,efato-- ry Epiffle to thefill part oftbefe Expofitioni ) theflare ofjob in themfet forth,beares (though witch of death be in the inmage) the lively I- mage and reprefentation of thefe times He, as the Holy Scripture reports, bad a troublefofsre time of it, and I would there were not too much Evidence that our times have been, and ina degree are fo to this clay. And how fhonld I. (with all that feare God and love the Appear- ing of Chrift ref us our Lord) rejoyce tofee, at lafl,as happy a change in theface:ofthefe times,, as the latterpart of this facred Hiflory affures: HI jobfound in his. My,