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90 Chap. 3o. An Expoftion upon the Book of Jos., de ipjo j , d meanes that Authority and power which hederived from God,'' Pric,.:ro eft and if he faith, Hi, cord, he manes the fame Authority and *1-117, de °onor- over which God had put upon him, or into his hand for. the t.o funern!wen p- P ,,;;p,; government and prole &ion of that people. He bath loofed my, co;i>intiebar er cord or firing, zoo igeros red. debzr,véPeere and afiîled me. err:m yaif;e fu,;e n ¡Fru:n We rna}' take this claufe either as diflin ly from the prece. yuerrr ritto im- dent words, and Co it containes a briefe of all thofe other trou. Foneáan,fotvit. bles wherewith God had vifited him ; As if he had Paid, Over metC; and betides the rage and reproach of man rchicb I lie under, the Lordhirn(elfe bark lay!a very hard andheavy band upon me by tá% immediatefiroake, of my affliflion. Or we take it as wrapt up in the former exprefïion, implying that' his great affliction was the loofìngofhis cord or the withdrawing of that refpe& whichhad been given Lim The word which we trauflate to afflrhl, properly lignifies to humble and to lay kw ; Idle- humiliation is or ought to be the b:e nui, effect and fruit ofaffliclion. They that are afi&ed fhould be ri. aft! swig. hunibled,and that greatly under the hand ofGod. But ifwe doe not adivelyhumble and lay our felves low, when we are afflic. ted, yet every afflieèion is in its own nature a paffive humiliati- on, or laying ofus low. And to be lure ungodly men will &i&, us and layus lowly their contempt and (lightingof us, when God atlli&s us ; as it followeth in the Text, Becaufe he bath af. padme , They have al/o let loofe the bridle upon me. Effranes in me Thefe wordscontaine the confequent, yea the effeet, refpecl- feruntur. Ty ing men, of the Lords affh&ing hand upon his faithfull fervant gui: rob. Tholemen did not pity or pray for him , much lefï'e did they honour and fubmit to him, but quite cal off the yoakeand brake the bonds, They have let loo/e the bridleupon me. They, that is, that bate crew ofwhom be had fpoken before have let loofe the bridle ;`God bath loofed, my cord, and they have let loofe the bridle, or call the bridle as it were out of their mouth. What was this bridle? wemay underfand it either ofthe bridle of their . tongues, or ofthe bridle of his Authority. And when once this latter was loofned, they quickly let loofe the former. 1irf,