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Chap. 3o. An Expofition upon the Bocke of J o B. Vert. z i, 89 ther, yea they are a coard or band upon a mans enemies to keep them from hurting hits : riches are a great binder ofothers tous in awayof obfervance and refpe&. And therefore when a man loofeth a plentiful! eltate, whenthat is fcatter'd from him, be (as we fay) is brocen, his cord is looted, and all falls afunder. I grant °obs coard ofworldly fubftance, was once great and ftrong, and then ravel'd out and loofed,this might draw contempt upon him; yetl conceive this is not the matter here intended. Fourthly , By the cord , that (lobcomplaines) God had loofed, we are chiefely,if not only, to underhand that Authority and power, with which, as a M:giffrate, he was is vetted. Au- thority or Magiftraticail power are a coard, yea they are like Dcurademit ii" Solomon' threefold coard, which cannot eafily be broken; power lat9sex, vexes over men is a great Binder ofmen, both to reverence andobe- a.ttur me oti n; dience. ?ob had a full experience of this, as appeared in the for. gala ice non mer Chapter,and therfore no marvaile if hewas thus fencible of arnPltur rn:crt the want of it, and complaines thus pafììonately that God had ri,rrorem mer taken offthe hearts of ,the people from their former feare of iniripforttm. and fubjethion to him, fo that they who before did rife up and even trembleat his pretence, now flighted him, and did not on- ly withdraw their refpefts, but powre contempt upon him. Thus we may expound that of the heathen Princes and people (7afal. 2.3. ) Let ate breake their bands, that is, let us call off all feare and regard of them. Mr. Broughton renders, be bath loafed hisfiring; Which he thus gloffeth, the firing cr reine of government, that boldetbbatefromfiriving with mighty. By that alto may be underftood his bozv.flrieg, of which he fpake ( Chap. 29. 20.) My bow ( that is, my power and Authority ) was renewed inmy band ; but now my bowftring is looted or rill nerum flackned in my hand. ("uae There is a difference between the reading and writing of thefe ins;, nervum words, as the learned Hebricians obferve. The reading is,He bath meow. so:vn holedmy cord, Thewriting is, He bath loafed hú cord; That is, nervum meow, either the Lord bath loofed his coard,whereby he formerly held ianoiromneta the people in aw and obedience to me or, be, that is every one bur febi rpo- of them bath loofed and fhooke offthat coard or that fubje&i- torn a deo noon on which my authority and greatnes did heretofore put upon P<r a'Cu n arne them. But whether we reade my cord, or hie cord, the general) trub"r ii f fence of the words is the fame. For if lob faith, My cord, he Lea ean, meanes f"nem rheum,