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Chap. ;o. A Expofttion upon the Book of Jo B. Vert. 14. 119 vile debauched hardned heart : Soto fet forward a mans aflliâi. on, and to be pleated when be is in trouble , this is fuch another argument of fuch a heart. We cannot put two worfer bra; ids up- on any man, then to fay, He isone that Pets forward the fin; ofo- thers, and is pleafedwhen they fin, or that he lets forward the furrows of others, and is pleated with their forrows ; E`pecially when any man (hall doe this (as thefe men did it) of his owne mere motion, and in his own ftrength, without the conniel or affiftance ofany other. Thus it is no fooner laid here, They fit forward my Calansitie, but tohighteb it, 7th prefently adds; Et onfait qui They have no helper. fewer auxi!i_ m. Vuip Some read thefe words as implying Nobs defolate. condition, pilfer, or helplefnes againft thofe who let forward his calamity. There dam ab ids op to no helper to them, that is, againft them, 1 am oppref& d, and e- primerer. ven fwallow`dup, but where is he that undertakes for me I As if A9u'n hìcn eft adjú he had laid, Iam alone, I have none to apteare for me, none to pa- for illis i. e. tronize me, none to take my part, or [puke a good saerd for me ; adverfret illa,. 'have none to affift me in the leaft ; They let forward myCala- i3 xad urdan mity, but I have nohelper. The vulgar tranflation is Exprefs to ëennióum n t xis fence ; 4nd there was none to bringme any helpe. It was thus textrtm cerTUm- indeed with Yob, he poore man was deftiture ofhelpe and friends pit, yuajt lob in that time ofhis greateft need, and it is a too much experien- queratur (rbt ced truth, that men in Calamity are ufually dffertcd. offriends maim m eft ad. and helpers. This caufed David to cry out (p¡al. 12. I, 2, ¡'tore" ilfup-o ills Helps Lord, for thegodly man ceafeth, for thefaithful!fayle from fount teleran among thechildren of men ; They ffreake vanity every one to his non poteff.. neighbour, with flattering lips, and with a cLuble tongue doe they n ?erc: fpeake; As ifhe had fayd They either flatly deny me helpe, or Nonadiutoreiev promife it flatteringly ; They fay,theywill helpe, and theyonly'a¿emine open: fay it, therefore helpe Lord, for Iam helpleffe. Lover and friend ferente haft thou put farre from me, O be thouneere unto me ! un. . But this tranflation gives fo great a itreite to the original! . (otm'is foil Test, and is fo little favoured by it, that I :(hall not flay up- fajurribur`de on it. eo tameo aoda. Thecleare literal! readingis , There is no helper to them, on ce: der praliden.- they let forwardmy calamity, Noman bringing. them any helps. ,'a Qne audiol They have ne helper. in me omnibus Thefe words fallunder threedifinel Expofitions. modi, irritant. Firft, Jun.