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r20 Chap. 30. An Expofttion upon theBooke of Jo a. Verf,tq.,' Firft , As carrying (whichwas even now intimated) anargu- ment of the extreame boldneffe and impudence of thefe perfons, that though none did offer them any helpe, afliftance, or Coun- tenance, yet they would goeon. As none offered to joyne with them in this attempt upon Sob, fo they did not looks, much Idle waite for any, but rufht onconfidently without their feconds, They had no helper. 17,nopushabent Secondly, Thefe words are a dente argument of Sobs ex- adjuware ad me treame weaknefs. They who let forward his Calamity, or let conficiendum, themfelves againft him, though they were but meane and alone, jaenz'n de me without any auxilaries or abetters, yet they eafily enough tf:tm elf, nee wrong'd andworked him. As if yob had laid, 1 am no matchfor m eorum nihpr polru them i quitefpent, alai I am a man e t anddrawn down to the eFugere. Mere. lees, 1have neither firength ofbody, nor firength of ejtate, nor .!tomb. firengthofcounfel about me; All my Interefl.r andpowers ,as to this soti fuftciunt world, are broken, andgone, fo that even a Company ofbofe men me a!io that appeareupon their own core andaccount,are too firong forme. non a ent pp p f ' rum opera. 1am not able to helps my felfe no not againft thole that have no ruff helper ; Ws.rcan Imake mypartygood agairfi thole whohave nine to take their part. Even they who arefo vile and unworthy, that name will own or affift them, aftli& me,and I cannot refift them. Howweak was this mighty manBrowne, whocould not beare up againft meane men, who had none to ftrengthen them ! Sobs oppofers had not much power, but Sob himfelfe had none. He that is weake himfelfe, it eafily opprefi by others, though themfelves are but weak. Thirdly Wee may underftand thefe words rather of a mo- tall, then ofany natural!or civil helper ; And fo , They have no helper, is, they have no perfwader, they have none toput them on, none to flirre them up, noneto provoke them todoe me this mifchiefe, yet theydoe. it. As if be had faìd They are fo a&ive ofthemfelves, that they need none to a&, orencourage them in their way. 'Tis but feldoffne that men will adventure upon any thingof moment, till forceor other joyne with them, and '(as it were ) fet their whacks a going, or oyles their wheeles by coun- fel and encouragement ; but thefe mens wheeles ran fait enough without oyling. And as they hadnobridle of ingenuity to flop them,