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OOP . 30. 114 Expo/irion upon the Boolie of J o a. Verf. 14. I25 their batteries, and made a breach in the wall by the Canon, then they come up to the ftorme, they come up like a flood; That r),L -n ut in ru t+ra. a& of warre is dually railed ftormiYg ; when a breach is made, P the affayiants ftorrne the City, or Fort. Thus the. allufion may, hold he, e, they carne upon mee as an Army at a wide breach;. they fell pelt melt upon mee. Secondly, The fimilitude may referre to the Sea, or to the, veniant (uper waters of force mighty river, when it bath broke thebankes ; for me magno im then the water comes powring in ; or to ïome Land. flood, which ro ét urflu i over-runs the wholeCountry, and iweeps all away. before it. ene v,OZa:t We reade in Scripture of a (weeping raise ; Great waters make Yggúr. clean worker Thus faith rob, there men having broken the bankes of modefty and fobriety, take their full (cope to infult over me as they pleafe, how much b ever it difpleafeth me ; and I atn no more able to withftand them, then a man is able to withfiand the violence of a Sea; or of an inundation breaking in . upon him. Thirdly, The words may beare an allufion to a field, vine- yard, or a garden, whole hedge, fence, or wall, when a breach is made, then either favage beafts , or hungry diforderly perlons come in and fpoyle the corne, the vines, the fruits ; then they make havockof all. We have at once a fad andelegant defcrip- tion ofthe Church under fore oppreffion, in metaphors of this itraine, ( `Plat. 2o. az, 13.) ívhy haft thou broken dowse our hedge( or hedges) fo that all they that paffe by the way doe plucke ut. TheBoare outof the wood Both waft it, and thewild beafts of thefield devoure it.. The hedgeof the vineyard, the Church (of which the Prophet fpeakes (Ifa. 5. g.) is, the Lords protection, and when that's removed, Ole is Toone not only invaded but 1poyled ; then every paffenger almost will have a plucke at her, and profefled powerfull Enemies, (fuch as the-Pfalmift intends by the Doare out of the wood and the wild beafts out of the field) will lay her waft and devoure her. We may conceive Iola Complaining that he was as a field or vineyard, whole hedge or fence beingbroken dowse , there rude men rufht in at the gap (likebeafts) to eat himup. Hence note, firft in general!. If the Lord once withdraw his proteh`tion,every evill envadeth tie and prevaileth over set. .As.