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I2$ Chap. 3o. An Expofition upon the Booke of J o s. Verf.14, o",ri iP Vola- applyed to deftru&ion or defolation, which are ufually effe&ed "111'"' '"'""i° with noyfe and tumult, deftru&ion and defolation are moftly rus maxim made by warre and the Prophet tells us ( Ifa. 9. 5 ) That, eve - r=chant"r. Y i ry Battell ofthe warriour re with a-Confufed noife, and garment, rolled in blood. TheClatteringof armour,neighing ofhorfes, the fcreetchings and groaningsofwounded and dying men, feeme to put all the Elements into a Combuftion in a dayofbattei ; fuch is the force of this word here ufed. As if lob had faid, In the Confufed noife ofmy troubles they roll themfelves upon mee. pro caligine Some tranflare, not defolation but darknes ; as if he had fayd, Jnrnant;jed ma- They come fecretly upon me, as men that lie in arnbufh to fur. iopro "lam"- prize me ; But thefe men were bold fac'd enough, and therefore CB. MKrc, rather as we In the defolation They rolled themfelves upon mee. 1717A whore Thofe words( uponmee) we fupply in a different character: ad'," aoirn- the Hebrew is, in the defolation they roll tbemfelves : the original/ de ., word which dignifies to roll,is applyed to the rolling ofa wheel, y"e maa ;raper" ¡ear or to any thing turned and forced on with violence. Thus the rota devotv"n. Lord threatens Babylon (?er. 51. a, 5.) Behold, I amaping thee r O defiroying mountain, faith the Lord , which defcroyeft all the earth, and Iwillf#retchout mine hand upon thee, and will roll thee domefrom the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountaine. Thou haft prefumed thy feffe fart feated upon a rock, and eftablifhed there ; Thouhaft prefumed thy Idle as firong asa mountaine: fo prong, that thou haft no more faareof being cart downe or de- ftroyed, then a mountaine. Thou haft been loch a deftroying mountaine, that now thou think'(( thy (elfe not to be deftroya- ble, or too big to be deftroyed, but I will roll thee downe, as if thou wert a chariot wheel, or a tennis ball,as any thing ofeafeft motion, as Tome glofs that place , I will throw thee wholly downe, as a thing that tumbles from a high place. In a like ex- preffion theProphet Efay threatens the nations (Ifa. 17. 13 . ) god /hall rebuke them, and they fhallfee farre cif, and fball be cha., fed as thechafe ofthe meuntaines before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirle-wind. Further, thisword is ufed in a very fpirituall fence, to fignifie themoft proper and effentiall adof faith upon God. To roll our felves upon God, is the Commit- ting ofour felves, and of our cafe tohim, to put our affiance aud