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Chap. 3o: Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Vert, rg.. 127 ( Math. t 1. r2.) The kingd,me cf heavenPeers violence. Be- lievers rufhupon it with all their might; and the kingdome cf heaven comes tous with a kind of violence; it is a day of power, Godbrings his Army,and flormes our foules, and then we grow violent for God, and the things ofGod ; we are gracioufly vio- lent to ferve and obey him, when he by a bleffed violence teach broken our flony,our flubborne and difobedient hearts ; And till then the nature of man is finfully violent, or violent upon fin, and comes, like a flood, enraged by the wind, to doe any thing that is evill. Secondly, Note. ZIfually wicked men are unanimous in doing evill. When an Army comes to florme, they fall on together, and when the waters come , they come in together at the breach. Thus gobs defpifers were united in their detpightfullcarriages to- wards him, as ifthey had been but one man ; they came like a flood. Good men fhould joyne heart and hand , they thould come as one man to doe good ;And as it is their duty to doe fo, fo it is molt defireable and delightful! to fee them doe fo. (Pfal. 133.1. ) Behold howgood andhowpleafant a thing it is for bre- thren to dwell togetber in unity ; that is, when,as they cohabit or dwell together ; fo they ad and joyne together in the fame way and worke. But doe we come upon a goodnrke, as an.Army, or as a flood, all together ? Our divifions are fad ; Good men are divided greatly about the doing of that which is good, When and where (ball we fee any conuderable number of good men like the Church ( Alts 2.42. )ofone accord, or as having but one foule in many bodyes. Molt good men are contrary to many,asthe wicked are contrary to them all;yea tome are as con- trary to themfelves at times,as ifthey had two foules, yea many foules in one body. The dividednes ofmen in a good matter, is as lamentable as their unionand onenes in a bad one. They came upon we ( faith rob) as a wide breaking in of waters; and as it followes : In the d%lotion they rolled themfelves upon mee. Mr. Broughton renders, In the brokenplace they tumble. The ÿ tdlJ(° ru word lignifies to found, tomake a noife: and fo 'cis elegantly ,7;Hl.5atas elf,, applyed defect:ass eft,