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13tß chap.3©. An Expofition upon the Book of J o Y. VerLt4, dent words leadus,to expound it ) God took off the reproachof egypi from his people Ifrail ( as by receiving them into covenant formerly,fo)by renewing the figneof his covenant Circumcifion (whichhat bin intermitted all the timeof their dwelling or jour. neying rather in the wiodernes) This whichwas the reproachof Egypt,that is reproach lyingupon them and all Heathen Nati- ons that they were uncircurncifed, the Lord in that day rolled from Ifrael, by reftoring that marke, which did fo eminently di» fkinguifh them from the Egyptians. Now as there is a rolling a. way of reproach fromus, fo there is'a rolling of reproach upon us. Thus they rolled themfelves upon lob, while they reviled and derided him in the defolation. We may take lobs meaning yet morediftindly in there briefe propofìtions or affertions. Firft , When he faith, They rolled themfelves upon him in the defolation, he intimates, that, They gave el themfelves wh0G ly to vex him, and toEncreafe his Calamity. They did not trou. - ble him accidentally or ignorantly, but advifedly and indullri- oufly in that deplorablecondition. Secondly The words imply , that they did not touch and trouble hima littleor lightly asit were with a finger, but that they layd their whole weight upon him, as he doth the whole weight of his body upon another, that rolleth himfelfe upon him. Thirdly, When he faith, They-roiled tltnfelves uponme in the ftfolation, or under the defolation, we may underftand him thus ; They.take an advantage from my troubles to trouble me the more, and from the prefent preffures that are upon me to oppreffeme utterly. They fee I am in a defolate condition, and cannot helpe arìy felfe, and they make ufe of it as an opportunity tomakeme (if it might be ) yet more defolate. Fourthly, Rolling is an aetionofdelight,a man rolls himfelfe upon his bed, or upon the green graffe for his pleafure,fo it may intimate, That lobs deriders (which fpiritof theirs bath been ob- ferved from other paffages) tooke content in his troubles, and rolled themfelves upon his defolation, or defolate condition, upon the duff and afhes in which he rolled, asupon a bed of fpi- ces, or of rotes. There arebut few good men who roll them- (elves upon thedefolationof others with pity and compailion, but there are many wicked men who can doe it with a kinde of triumph