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Chap. 3o. An expoßtion upon the '°ok of Jò a. Verf. r3r triumph andcontentation. There are but few good men who can roll themfelves upon God, by believingand relying, in the time of their affli&ion ; but thereare manywhocan rudely roll themfelves upon the aflli&ed with rejoycing: Fifthly , They rolled themfelvesupon him in the defolation, by the blacked (landers and fevered cenfures. They fought occa- fions againft, and layd heavy accufations uponhim ; a flanderer or falfe accufer rolls himfelfe upon another mans gord name, or credit, to pollute and ftaine it, nor will he give over his rol- ling, till he path made it as black (ifitmay be) in the opinionof others, as it is in his owne. That fobs name was rolled upon and fufpe&ed, yea charged with foulest crimes (becaufeof his af- flietions) as ifhe had been one of the vileft pieces that ever was in the world , we have feene before, It not thy wickednesgreat, and thine iniquities infinite faid Eliphaz (Chap. zz. 5. ) and there were others, betides the rable of whom he now fpeakcs, who fpake little leffe or better ofhim. Laftly, Confider the time when they did this, In the defolati- on they rolled themfelves upon mee. When the Godly aredowne andunder hatches,when they are loweft in worldly appearances, then wicked men are apt to raft Flanders, and to charge them higheft. Wicked men never love nor favour thegodly , but they doe not alwayes expretfe their hatred againft them. They have ma- lice enough in their hearts at all urnes to doe it, but they have not alwayes an opportunity in their hand. Good men are fome- timesupon the higher ground , and 'cis hard rolling up-hil ; But ifever they fall below them, or are reduced to that which yob calls a defolation, or a defolate condition , then they will not (pare. As a godly mans extremity isGods opportunity, to helpe and relieve him, in the mount loe will befeene ; to a godly mans ex- tremity is a wicked mans opportunity to vexe and diftreff'e him, in the valleyhe will be feene. We read how Amalek.e (that peo- ple of Godscurfe) rolled themfelves upon thedefolation of the childrenof Ifrael in their [mirage to Canaan , which provoked the Lord to leave a fad memento againft them (Deut.2.5.17,18.) Remember what Amelek did unto thee by the way, when ye were comeforth out of Egypt ;;how be met theeby the way, and fenote the S hind-