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s Chap. 30, An Expofition upon tide Book of J,o a. Veri. 15. tobe to evil! workers, that ungodly .pate fpirited men are to good workes,that is,to themwhole workes are good,A terrour ; And the better any good man is, the more terrible evil! men will be unto him. But I {hall not flay upon this expofition. For Secondly, Doubtleffe the terrours here fpoken of, were thole inward feares and troubles whichaffaulted lobs fpirit, while he was compaffedwithout with outward troubles. As he was exer- cised with manifold affil &ions both as tohis body and !late, fo his foule, his minds did not efcape untouched ; Nay he was deep- ly, moft deeply wounded there. Terrors are turned upon me. Hence note. A godly man may not only be in.trouble, but under terreur. As the troubles ofthe righteous are many, fo they are mani- fold ; they have many of the fame kind, and they have them in leveral kinds. They may have not only a troubled (late, but a troubled heart. There are heart terrours oftwo forts fpokenof in this Booke. Firft, fuch as are the portion of the wicked. They have the terrors of an evil! confcience, which are Pent like Purfevants fromGod to attach them, and as tormentors to vex them. Of thefe Eliphaz is tobe underftood (Chap. a5. zo, z 1, 24.) Where treating of the wicked mans condition, he faith thus'tis withhim ; He travaileth ?with paine all his dayes ( one dayes paine is a fore burden) a dreadfull fcssnd is in his eared ( his phancy beats up adreadful! alarme againfi himcontinually) Trouble and anguish !hall make him afraid, they{hall prevaile a- gainff him as a King ready to the battei. Of thefe terrors (proper to the wicked) read more ( Chap. 20 25. Chap. 27. 20. ) Se- condly, both in this booke and elfewhere in Scripture, we find terrours fent upon goodmen. 74 had fad experience of them, ( Chap. 6, 4. ) The terrors ofGod doe let themselves in aray a- gainff me. And fo had Homan (Pfeil. 88.15.) while 'Mar thy terrours Iam diflratfed. Both the Godly and ungodly have _ terrours, yet of a different kind, and to avery different end. . I (hall not stay here, to enlargeabout thefe terrours, having fpo- kenofboth fortsof terror upon thofe several places ofthis booke lately mentioned. Onlyconfider ?ob complaineth ofthese as the fortft.ofhis aáfliáions, Hence. 135