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fl j,. IrY ;ri, 13-6 Chap. 30. An £xpofttion upon the Backe of Jo a. Veddy, "Hence note. Inward terrours or troubles ofmind, are moregrievous thenalt outward troubler. What the C'aldeans and Sabeans did in fpoyling and preying upon his ciliate, yea what Satan did to his body in fmitinghim with boyles andbotches, werebut a (port to thefe terrours with which he was fmitten bythe hand of God. When an arrow is fhot into the foule, who is able to expreffe the paineof it. A wounded (pirit who cata beare l'Bodily fufferings and the deepe(t woundings ofthe flat, are but as the pricke or fcratch of a pin to the fufferings or the foule. That's a wofull Judgement which the Lord threatneth to bring upon his people in cafe ofdifobedi- ence ( Levit. 26. 15,16. ) Ifye Elul!def¡iifemyfiatutes, fyour foule abkrremy yudgements, &c. I alfo will doe this unto you, Iwilleven appoint over you terrour, confumption, and the burning ague, that /hallconfume the eyes, and calife forrowofheart. As if he had fayd,Ifye will not obey me as your King,I will make ter- rour a king over you ; terrour fhall,prevaile and rule over you, terrour (hall bring you into fubje&ion, and hold your necks un- der its iron yoake, as a mighty King ; I will not onlyappoyrt the fword, famine, and peftilence over you, which are out- ward vifible troubles,but I will appoynt terrour,which is inward troubleand vexation of mind over you. The Lord renewed this threat (Délit. 32.25. ¡ Thefword without, and terrour within, shall deffroy both theyoung man and the virgin, the Tackling alfa with the manofgrey haires. Terreur within is the ufuall effet of the fwordwithout ; And though we may expound fword with- out and terror with-in, by grievous troubles without dores and with-indores, in the open field or high wayes, and in the houle; yet fword with out, may alto note judgement upon the body, and terror with-in trouble and affrighhtment upon the mind or (pirit. Many are Haine by terrours within, who feele no ftroake without. Thus the Prophet fpeakes of the Jewifh Nation (Ifa. 22.2.) Thy ¡lainemen are notElaine with thefword, nor dead in batte!. How thenwere they Haine ? and of what dyed they ? Some expound itthus ; They werenot faine with the fword,but by the peftilence, nor dyed they by batte!, but by famines yet others 4d towhichI ratherincline ) conceive the Prophets mean- ing