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Chap. 3o, An Expafition upon the Books of J B. Vert. 15. 137 ing to be,that fuc!! terrour would take hold upon them at the re- port ofthe enemies approach, that they thould be ¡truckdead, or die with kart.. Thus Rabab tells the Epics (Naha2.9.) I know the Lordbath givenyou the land, and that your terreur de fallenupon us, and that all the inhabitants ofthe landfaintbecau/e ofyou. Your terrour is fallen upon us ( faith thee) and that is worke tous then your Army which is ready to fall upon us. We are as dead with feare of you before ever your fword bath toucht us. Hence the Prophet makes that earneft deprecasi-on toucht before (yer. 17. 17. ) Lord be not thou a terrour tome. yeremiah (loth not deprecate the evils day it felfe, He faith not, Lord, let not an evils day come upon me ; But be not thou a ter- rater to we in the evil! day. I (hall be able(through thy aflìftance) to heart andwraftle with the evil! day, but I amnot able to wra- flewith or bore thy terrour in the evils day. It is fayd (Ifa. 3 3. 1 o.) Thine eyes /hallfee the King in bis beautie, theyAdd! behold the land that is veryfarre of Thine heart Jhall meditate terrour. Saints (hall meditate terrour with a kind of joy, as being above it, and delivered from it by their King. But to meditate terrour with nothing but terrour before our eyes, is terrible indeed. Hence that promife (Ifa. 54. 14.) In righteaufnes Jhalt thou be eftablifhed: thou 'halt befarce from opprefon, for thou./halt not feare ; andfrom terreur, for it(hall not come were thee. lobs cafe was farce from that promifed mercy while he cryed out in the anguifh ofhis foule,Terreurs are turned upon wee. There feemes to be an allnfion in theword turned, to a wild ,beaft, to aLion, or a Bearé, who Peeing his prey turnes upon it, and then follows it with all eagernes, as the next words intimate. They peerfue myfault as the wind. See what worke they made with him. They purfued his fettle. The word fìgnifieth to follow veryclofely and earneftly ; As jetsam a perfecuter followeth a good man to take away his life, or mlecut o, pro- As the hound follows the hare or Deereto catch his prey. The e t?e`r word is ufed in Scripture both inja good and in an evil! ,fence ;111de1 in ma- (Tfal. lam.