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chap, 30. An Expoftion upon the Beoke of J o a. Verf. I. 149 fouls as the wind ; They came fuddainly upon him before he was aware of them ; They came forcibly upon him he could not withftand them, hewas almofl quite overthrowne or overborne by them ; They came fwiftly uponhim , his were winged flying terrors, he could not flee from them, nor efcape them. They par- tite my foule as the wind, Andmy welfare 'afresh away as a cloud. The wordwhich we render welfare figniflesfalvation ; fbMr, Broughton tranflates here, My falvation is pall'edawayas a cloud. But /hall we thinke that ?ob was defperate, or that all his hopes offalvation were fled and gone ? Nothing lef:e. Salvation is two- fold, either temporal or eternal' ; it concerneseither the flare of the foule in grace and glory, or ofthe body in peace and profpe. ritie. In the former fence, lob was fo faire from thinking that his welfare or falvation was paffed away, . that he was affured it fbould not;he was fo farre from dcfpondingor defpairing inthat poynt, that his faith was rifenup to a pleroporie or full, perfwa- flon, ( Chap. 19. a5.) Iknow that my Redeemer liveth, and that be flail f andat the latter day repon the earth ; lad thoughafter my skin wormer deftroy thisbody, yet inmy fi-fl /hall I fee God, whom 1 /ballfeefor my felfe, andmine eyes Atli behold him , and not ato. then, &tc. And ( Chap.,13. 15.) Though he flayme, yet. will .' craft in him, but 1 trill maintaine mine own ways before him-, ; He alfo/ballbemyfalvation. Surely then,]ob had not throwne up his hopes ofeternal' falvation. But as for his temporal falvation, . or thewelfare ofhis body and outward date in this world , he had layd downe theexpectation of it : and he might well fuppofe that thofe many fad providences of God fpake alowd to hire, and with one voyce, that be was a goneman as to the comfo. ts andenoyments of this prefent life. Yet take fpirituall falvation in a large fence (as we render it..) for the prefent welfare of.his foule, or for thofe comforts which nfually attend thofe who are in a Bateoffalvation, and then he might fay that his foule-falvation was paired away as a cloud. Thus Davids falvation was paffed away, when he prayed (Pfa! )Reflare unto me the joyofthyfalvation. Bence note., There 4