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il Chap. 30. An Axpojition upon the 'Book Of J o a. Vert. 15. There isno good in this life, but may eitlíer in part,or in whole, in kind, or at leaf in degree, paffe away and be partedfrom As there is nocorporal! good, as health and f#rergth, riches and honour, friends and relations , but may wholly and altoge- ther paffe away, (t ?ohs 2. 17. ) The worldpaffeth away, and the lofie thereof; that is, all thofe things of the world after whichwe loft. So there is no fpiritsall good which may not paffe away in part, or as to the fencible degrees of our in;oyment: we may lode the fight not only ofthings vifible(which is molt grievous to a natural! man) but of things ínvifible(which is moth grievous to the fpirituall man.) Sohmon fQeakes of riches (Prov. 23: .) They certainly make themfelves wings, they flee away as an Eagle towards heaven. They flee away as an Eagle which will not come to the lure, nor be called back againe. There are many birds of prey which ye may allure back to your hand; But riches flee to- wards heaven as an Eagle which will not be lured back. Thus alto the comforts of the fouleoften make themfelves wings and flee away;only this comfort remaines, though not with us, yet for us, they will certainly reznrne. They doe not flee away as the Eagle towards heaven ; Though webe in darkneffe. andfee no light, we (ball have light, and fee no darknefle, thoie former consolations which are paffed away asa cloud,and leave us under a cloud, !hall rife againe as the Sun shining in full strength and brightnes. rat)welfare peffetb away as a cloud. Before he fayd, Terrcure purfued me as the wind ; here ( faith he ) My welfarepaffeth away as a cloud. This fimilitude is of titaber chi' the fame fgnilication with the former.Cloud, palle fwiftly,(I,ía. tratuiens chi', óo.8.) who are these that fie as n cloud ? fayd the Church admit. behirri e re: de- ;i.ienrts Qg cito ring the quick and free acceffe of the Gentiles to faith in atilt. eve:ej en:is. And cloudswhen the Sunarifeth and fhineth clearely paffe away freed (as to fight) totally, there's noappearance of them. When the Spirit ofGod by the Prophet Ikea would fet forth that totall defolation which was to fall upon I /reel for their Idolatry, we find it thus expreffed (Hof.13.3.) Therefore theyshall be be as the morning