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56 Chap. 30. Ar Exp9ftion upon the Book! of J. s. V.erf,16. himfelfe > manwafteth and emptieth,his,own ftoeke by powring out, but God Both not ; man may powre out till nothing's left ; for his is but the fullneffe ofa veffel, how full foever he is: but God powrrs out as a fountaine, and therefore is alwayes full, Nr.,cutiq; an, 79b might well fay, my ,outs ìs powred out ,his fouie was once a nit ilia vigor a vcffzl or.a cilterne full of firength, Itté livelines,. Joy and Corn. nimi ,aa7:'iyae fort, Eut his long ïuff:rins and aftl,çtions had aimed emptied fiaLuc,le;;ituit and drawne him dry to the very bortome. His all or ah his, foule and all was powred out ; He had only fo much foule left hire as would ferve him to tell others , that he had fcarce any foule left ; ply joule is paráred sat. Yet further, this phrofc of powringout,n aÿ beàre,athreefold Confideration. Fait, The Greeke Scholiaft underltands tl.,is effusion or pow- ring out, of the irrefolution and unietiednes of 7,12$ mind , what to doe, or what courte to take for his own reliefe in , or delive- DiTokirw,i,e, rance from his troubles. When a'man knows not where to pitch, Juljenfa hero what to refolve on, his foule is (as it were ) difÇolvcd andpout_ apsma. Nicer. red out. And when aman comes to a fetlednes ofpm pole in any poynt, the fcverall powers of his foule are ( upon the matter ) gathered up and knit together againe. Secondly, To powre our the foule, isin Scripture:language, to bemuch in prayer. As prayer is called in Scripture rheiifting up cfthe foute to god (Pfal. 25. t.) fo the powring out of the foule before God. When that much grieved and gracious wo- man Hannah was praying,Ely thought flac had been ditiemper'd wish wine; How long wilt thou be drunken ? put away thy wine from thee. The good woman.'anfweìed, No my L,rd, I am a woman of forrowfulispirit, I have drunk neither wine nor flrerg drinke, but bave powredout my foule before the Lord, ( r Sam. t. 14. ) that is, I have prayed, yea I have prayed much and car- nally. Prayer is a powring out ofthe foule, especially, carnal, important, fervent prayer. So, in the.confefïion offin, the foule is powred out in forrows,and in fupplication for supply of wants, the foule is powred out in deliires, and in faith. Thus are are ex- horted topray at once in faith and fervency, (Tsai. 6z 8. ) Trull is him at ail times, ye people powre out your hearts before. hirn ., that is, pray tohim, and pray to him abundantly, pray to slim earnefily, let your foules got forth in your fupplications;, when