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Chap. 30 An ZatpofLion upon the Book of J 6 B. Vert. 16. I S5 Firft , For life ( my faule it p,.wreei out upon mee ) that is, I am ready to dye; I amwafted, I am fpent, my fpirits are even gone, I amneere expiring, my life is ready to be powred out as water upon the ground, whichcannot b! gathered up again. Secondly , Wemay expound it by that which is the ftrength of the look, Courage and Cliearfulne(fe under affli Lion; assy fade, that is,my fpirit, my ftrengch,yea my patience,are all neere fpent and gone, exhaufled and powred out ; I have been fo long worried and wearied with thole afflitionr,that I can hold out no longer. Thus the Lord madea gracious promife to his aflìided people ( I,ra. 57. 16 ) I will not contend for aver, neither will I be alwayes wroth: for tiefpirit lhauldfadebefore me, and thefouler which 1 have made ; that is, the foules. which I have made will be even unmade, as to their j')yes, comforts,and courage ; they will utterly fay le, or as lob faith, be powred out. t 91 íy mule is pored our. There is anElegancy in char Expreflion (pawnedout) the word `jatllfJll ef. is applyed co water, wine, or any liquid ; and to powre eut, in fendsi, ho'uir Scripture, notes abundance, or the giving forth of much in quan- tity or degree. The Lord faith in that great and gorious pro- a9 a /ae fe mile (7 el î. 28. ) It /ballcome to paffe in the latter dayea that I effundat femiti. sisill powre out ofmy fpirit uponall fl fh ; that is, Believers inthofe iodine,hunt fu. latter dayes (hall have plenty of the fpirit ; not dews and drops u..7 anámsdeti only,diftillirrg upon them, but (bowers and mighty raines, even qkia expTi- floods of the Spirit, both in gifts and graces. So that promife is mere, Bold. expreffed by another Prophet, ( Ifa. 44. 3 ) I will powre water upon him that is thirfly, andfl,;dr u. p,n the dryground, (which is thus explairi'd in the latter part ofthe fame verle) I will powre nay Spirit upon thy fe.d and my bltffiug upon thine rff fjaring. So that when lob faith ( myfoule to powred eut) he would cellos that he was abundant in thofe forrowes and troubles of fpirit, his foule was fo much powred out, that there was fcarce any thing, fcarce a dropof his foule left within. That's the difference between Gods powring out ofhimfelfe, and his powringout the creature,or thecreatures powring out it felfe. When God powrs out himfelfe, thatis, bis gifts and blefiings he powres out abun- dantly, and though he powres out fo much as fils the creature, yet howmuch foever he powres our , he loth not at all empty X2 trr,-